Your Priorities Are Wrong

by Jason Lightner July 19th, 2013 | Independent Ideas
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standunitedThere are two major stories I’d like to comment on this week which are loosely related. You see, there’s been an awful lot of (frankly) stupid things being said by both the media and by the people, and this is as good a soapbox as any to stand on.

You may have heard that Rolling Stone Magazine’s latest issue features a lengthy writeup on the suspect of the Boston bombings, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. You may have actually picked up a copy of the magazine and read the article, which I’ve heard was actually pretty informative. I can say that I did not have the opportunity to grab a copy of said magazine because the two locations I went to did not have the issue for sale.

There are, unfortunately, a rather large group of people who decided to get all up in a huff over the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone. Claiming that Rolling Stone is somehow glorifying this kid’s actions by putting his face on the cover of their magazine, citizens and the media alike are claiming outrage, and even bands like Dropkick Murphys jumped into the fray.

Never mind the fact that Rolling Stone has a history of reporting on current events and has, for decades, been one of the best journalistic publications on the market, period. Instead, let’s feign disgust and outrage at a publication for daring to examine the entirety of the tragedy instead of simply calling this kid a “terrorist” because that’s what we do nowadays — put a label on the little bastard and then we can cope. We can dehumanize those who we perceive to be the enemy and dump them all in Guantanamo.

Please, officer. Please randomly pull me aside on the street and frisk me. I need you to do this for my freedom.

Yes, folks. Let’s raise a stink over the cover of a freaking magazine and all the while let our Government erode our freedoms and invade our privacy without so much as a joke about it on Twitter.

Oil companies can ruin ecosystems and pay a comparative pittance of a fine. No one person is held accountable, no one goes to jail. Wall Street and the bankers can ruin lives and the economy and be bailed out. No one person is held accountable, no one goes to jail. The NSA spies on the American people and the White House defends them. The Obama Administration, which ran on a platform of transparency and championed whistleblowers, is actively hunting down a man who is arguably the most important whistleblower of our time. Where are the impeachment proceedings? Where is the outrage?

Are we really content to roll over and beg for scraps while these rich, arrogant sociopaths run roughshod over our rights and way of living? Are we really going to do freakin’ nothing about actual miscarriages of justice and at the same time raise a stink about a magazine cover? Where are our priorities? Have we lost our minds? Why is Washington not filled with hundreds of thousands of angry Americans who want their freedom back?

President Jimmy Carter recently said in an interview at the Atlantic Bridge meeting in Atlanta that “America has no functioning democracy,” and that the “invasion of privacy has gone too far.” Carter also praised the whistleblower Edward Snowden, saying that his leaks were “likely to be useful because they inform the public.”

A former American President is saying these things and yet the only news outlets reporting on it aren’t American? Do a search for “Jimmy Carter” on CNN, FOX, or NBC News and the closest thing you’re going to get to this story is Carter saying that Paula Deen should be forgiven. This is a very real media blackout of a very important story. The American people are being deliberately misled by the media and by the government.

Quit being upset with a magazine.

Start a demonstration if you want to do something useful.

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