Winter Solace

by Eric M. Blake December 9th, 2013 | Conservative Considerations
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You just have to love how the Left’s desperate struggle to regain credibility has affected their better judgment.  Suddenly, the Obama Administration announces that, at long last, the Obamacare website is REPAIRED!  Finally, the crisis is over — health care for all!  We can live again — WE CAN LIVE!!!

Alas — no sooner do the media play it up for all it’s worth when — that same day — the site collapses again.  It’s as though God Himself is having some fun at the Left’s expense — and really, considering that side’s constant swearing of allegiance to militant secularism (not to mention the annual slaughter of countless unborn innocents), who can blame Him?  Pride goes before destruction, as Solomon said.  (On that note, I must add: don’t get giddy, yourself.  Be prepared, Conservatives: the Far Left still could weasel a way out of this.  You never know just how hardy cockroaches can prove to be.)

And so, Obama’s credibility continues to plummet — amongst the poor, Hispanics, African-Americans, women … even other Leftists.  Most intriguingly, the millennials have at last polled a confession that, were the 2012 election to be re-held today, Mitt Romney would be their choice.

I’d say “better late than never”, if I thought we actually could re-do the vote.  Oh, well.  Perhaps they’ll be able to remember for 2014 — and 2016.  Possible — not sure if it’s probable, though.


Nelson Mandela, legendary South African president, died this past week.  Looking at him, I can’t help gleaning a few important things:

First — He proved that even in the most unjust of systems, sometimes civil, nonviolent resistance is best.  Despite his long imprisonment, he refused to give in to anger, choosing instead to use newfound power to heal, rather than hurt.  He held on to his integrity — symbolized by his famous adherence to the poem “Invictus”.

Second — He may have believed in communism, but in the end, that mattered little.  Yes, Mandela was a communist.  So was Governor William Bradford of Plymouth — for a time, anyway.  And yet, South Africa did not fall to the color red.  Instead, it became a prime example of true “reparation”.  Many “civil rights leaders” of today could learn a few things from him.  (Interesting note — contrary to the Left’s over-simplified accounts, didn’t Ronald Reagan, and his ambassador to South Africa, call and work for Mandela’s release…?)

Third — He proved that a few rounds of competitive sports could solve a few problems.  Rugby.  Who’d have thought that?


Remember the sometimes laughable, sometimes crude, sometimes violent Occupiers?  A certain colleague of mine is claiming to have “gone on record, criticizing the movement for lacking in focus.”  Funny, I must have missed that article.  What I do recall was a series of constant beatifications of the movement, praising their spontaneity and “grassroots” rebellion against Evil Greedy Corporations.  I even recall a Gandhi quote — you know the one: “First they ignore you …” etc.  Meanwhile, the Tea Party got itself focused early on — and they get smeared for being “shills” for ideology-based groups.

Anyway, I suppose it would be clichéd to simply brand the “Rolling Jubilee” movement as “enablers”— enablers of the already-bloated debt-and-credit-card culture, so often laughably attributed to “predatory lenders”.  Really, anyone with even a basic understanding of economics, let alone business administration, knows that the very concept of “predatory lending” is impossible.  As if the would-be lender could possibly put a gun to the would-be borrower’s head and say, “borrow or die“….  It’s absurd.  The “predatory” parties here were in the government— forcing banks to lower standards so low-income people could borrow — and borrow, they did.  The guns weren’t point to their heads — but to the banks’ heads.  But you know … why let the facts get in the way?  Forget common sense — just call me a “propagandist” and a shill for the Evil Greedy Corporations.  But I digress.

It will be interesting to see how this “Rolling Jubilee” turns out.  I personally wouldn’t be surprised if the result is “financial collapse”— either of the movement, as its donated funds fail to compensate for all the loans they buy up and cancel … or of the financial sector, as a new bubble bursts: banks allow borrowing of low-standard loans … and then sell them to “Rolling Jubilee”.  Sound familiar, folks …?  Figures the Occupiers would try to re-create Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, without realizing it.

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