Winner and Losers that Would Make Dr. Hook Proud

by Ronald A. Rowe July 18th, 2013 | Winners & Losers
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memorial stepsTracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton – Losers – The biggest losers of this week are certainly the parents of Trayvon Martin. Earlier this year they lost their child to a meaningless, tragic death — arguably the worst fate that could possibly befall any human being. This week, after months and months of being used as tools in a propaganda war that should never have been, the false hopes and manipulated thirst for revenge was crushed when a jury – rightly – found that the prosecution had not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman’s actions amounted to murder. In a rare moment of absolute sincerity on this site, we extend our deepest condolences to the Martin family.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – Winner – I started to call Rolling Stone a loser this week for stupidly putting terrorist and murderer Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover in a very Jim Morrison-esque rock star photo, but I decided to switch it up and give Tsarnaev, incarcerated for his crimes with no hope of ever again seeing the light of day, winner status for the coup.

Pro-Choice Advocates – Losers – None of the stricter anti-abortion laws recently working their way through State houses have been passed yet. Only Texas could even be considered close to passing. But the tide definitely seems to have turned, which is bad for Pro-Choice Advocates.

Obamacare – Loser – The wheels are coming off the Obamacare bus. As the Bible — and perhaps even more famously, Abraham Lincoln — tells us, a house divided against itself cannot stand. Proponents of Obamacare are now coming out as opponents of certain portions of Obamacare in order to preserve and protect certain other portions of the law. The strategy may have seemed swell on paper, but history — and logic — say it isn’t going to work.

The United States of America – Winner – In the specific realm of the War on Terror, the U.S. is a big winner this week. The U.S. struck another blow against Al-Qaeda by once again killing the second highest ranking member of the organization. Actually, no one seems quite sure when the blow was struck, but Al-Qaeda in Yemen hung out the help wanted sign this week, publicly acknowledging that Saeed al-Shihri had, in fact, been killed by a U.S. drone strike.

Latinos – Losers – The media, in an effort to paint George Zimmerman as a villain (the debate over the deservedness of such status we will leave for another venue), erased his identity as a Latino, effectively removing that classification from the role. It turns out that, according to the small cadre of rich white men who control the majority of media outlets in the U.S., African-Americans and Liberals are only capable of building up the kind of vitriol that drives ratings and lines the pockets of said cadre against someone who is himself a minority. So George Zimmerman became white. And if Zimmerman is white, there is no such thing in the U.S. as a Hispanic. Sorry, amigos. You’re all white now.

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