Why You Should Care About the IRS Debacle

by T Akery May 28th, 2013 | Republican Reflections
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responsibilityThe IRS is one government entity that has its nose in everything. From business and now to your health care, its role in society is becoming bigger than ever. That is why you should take a major interest in what is happening at the IRS.

Some conservative groups were singled out for extra analysis. There were words used to single these groups out. While you may not be enthused about the conservative movement, this is a dangerous precedent that has many implications.

Image if those code words had been “liberal,” “Black,” “Hispanic,” “Gay,” or “green.” Would you be outraged? The fact is that any number of code words could have be used to single out groups for consideration. This should be troubling to every single group out there.

On a bad day, an IRS supervisor could target a “Hispanic” group because an illegal immigrant without insurance ran into his car. While this is an unlikely scenario, the fact is that under this administration it could have happened. Just the possibility that a group could be singled out without cause is a troubling fact.

Another troubling aspect of the IRS debacle is the lack of accountability shown by anyone. Perhaps, that is why the very simple act of taking responsibility for one’s actions is so highly prized these days. The IRS heads can’t even admit that they did something wrong.

This is the first step toward taking responsibility in a leadership position. It is something every business owner in every single business ever developed has to do. They have to admit to their mistakes in order to make their company better. The IRS has to do the exact same thing to make themselves better. Because the IRS is such an important part of American lives, good leaders that take responsibility are needed even if those leaders fall on the sword to do so.

Then there are the excuses. These unacceptable excuses about “poor customer service” which to say the least are the most pathetic things to ever come out of an official’s mouth. There are three-year-old children that have told better excuses to parents on why something got broke. If this had been a company, they would have lost millions of customers just based on that alone. It is a shoddy excuse to give and outgoing acting commissioner, Steve Miller, should have been ashamed to have ever uttered those words. The IRS should also be highly embarrassed at one of its top execs trying to use such a lame excuse. No one is actually buying that one.

Moving on from the excuses and totally transparent attempts at a poorly executed coverup, there is the whole Fifth Amendment implementation. This is one of the weirdest aspects of the IRS hearings so far. So either Lois Lerner has committed a crime and is being investigated for it or she is an egotistical individual who has poor leadership skills and is trying to hide the fact. One can only come to those conclusions from her blatantly short testimony and statement.

Of course, her real motives don’t really matter in the world of public opinion. Too many crime shows have depicted the declarers of the Fifth Amendment as guilty. Thus, the automatic assumption in an overloaded television society is that she is guilty of something. It could be just taking bad advice from her lawyer. At any rate, this is bad news for an already embarrassed department and speaks volumes about the reluctance to take responsibility for anything.

The IRS debacle is very troubling. The IRS is about to gain more power over our lives. As it is, they can’t even claim responsibility for the mistakes that happened. What is going to happen when Obamacare kicks in and those mistakes compound? It is certainly something to think about. In the meantime, contact your Representatives to make your voice heard about the poor choices that have been made in the IRS.

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