Why the New Abortion Laws Are So Bad for Women

by Jessica B. July 16th, 2013 | Democratic Deliberations
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women on streetEven if you are pro-life, it is hard to be excited about the new abortion laws that are starting to pop up in states like Texas and North Carolina. The laws are relatively powerless, cost the state a lot of money in terms of time that statesmen spend working on the bills, typically get thrown out as soon as they are challenged, and end up harming those that are already in a terrible position to begin with. So why the move to suddenly start passing these bills across the United States?

The ban of 20-week abortions seems to be what most people are getting behind in these new bills, but it is also the least effective part of the bill. Time and time again, this type of law has been shown to be powerless in the face of the Roe v. Wade decision. When challenged, many similar laws have been thrown out.

Not to mention that 20-week abortion bans tend to strike at women who least need it. Most 20-week abortions take place because late screenings, that cannot be done before 18 weeks, show severe problems. Many people argue that children with Down Syndrome also have the right to life, but the problem is more complicated than that.

Let’s take my friend, who fought infertility for years and finally had success with IVF. At her 18th week ultrasound they discovered that 75% of the baby’s brain was growing outside of her skull. There was nothing that could be done to fix it. The baby could survive in utero but would die hours after birth.

My friend, who desperately wanted a baby, met with many specialists to decide what was best for HER baby. How the baby would feel and experience the most pain. And her conclusion finally was to terminate her much desired pregnancy, because she felt it was the kindest thing she could do for her child.

But her hospital was Catholic, and they would not do the procedure. She had to go to a clinic. Where she was called a baby killer, a murderer and every awful name in the book. She had to have an additional ultrasound where once again she had to hear about the terrible diagnosis. And she got her abortion at 21 weeks.

A large majority of people getting these abortions are as vulnerable as my friend and in similarly terrible circumstances. And yet we continue to make their situations even worse.

If Texas and North Carolina would get their way it would be impossible for my friend to make her decision. It took her so long because she met with countless specialists to try to find any viable alternative.

Since Roe vs. Wade the number of abortions in the U.S. has been on the decline. Access to birth control and women’s health clinics has helped women to take control over their bodies so that they do not need to fall back on abortions.

Clinics like Planned Parenthood have helped to decrease the number of abortions and keep families healthy. Let’s fight to keep them around and against these waste-of-time laws that clog the system.

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