Whither Tomorrow?

by Eric M. Blake November 5th, 2012 | Conservative Considerations
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One of the most bitterly amusing messages I have heard this election season— well, aside from “I claim to have supported Ron Paul, who is as vehemently anti-big-government-intrusion and anti-high-tax as you can get, but Obama isn’t that bad, and to say that this country has gone to Hell in the past four years isn’t just inaccurate, it’s inexcusable!”— aside from that… one of the slogans to have induced the most sighs and internal head-shakes from me would have to be the following:

“We, the youth of America, need to get out and vote.  I don’t care who you vote for, just as long as you Rock The Vote!”

Look, um… while I’m glad Scarlett Johansson seemed reluctant to come out and demand her fans vote for Obama (despite following it by taking part in a pathetic War On Women ad)— still, I’ve long been a little suspicious of those who tout this slogan.  By that, I mean simply this— what do they mean?

Bear with me: whenever someone says “I don’t care who you vote for, just vote”— they’re either lying, or apathetic on political issues, themselves.  After all, if they were political, they would care— who’d want you to vote for the “wrong” person?  So— let’s assume for the sake of argument that it’s the latter… that they really don’t care who wins the election.

Do these people even care… if the people they call upon to “rock the vote” march over to the ballot box and make their choice— without informing themselves?  Without taking time to examine themselves, affirming what they believe and why they believe it, and then finding the most electable candidate in synch with their beliefs, a voter’s choice will be uninformed.  And to be blunt— an uninformed vote, based on little more than impulse and “feeling”, is far worse than not having voted at all.

Four years ago, we saw the consequence of “rocking the vote”.  My generation voted en masse for the “cool” guy, the unknown Illinois senator running a campaign on vague platitudes and contradictory promises.  And for that, despite the fact that I proudly voted against the tide, that first time… I humbly and sincerely apologize for my generation— the Millennials, so proudly proclaiming desires for “authenticity”, who promptly voted for a blank slate on the basis of “cool”.

Well… what’s done is done.  This year, I’m proud to say, more and more of them are waking up.  While I harbor no delusions about Mitt Romney somehow gaining a majority of the youth vote (blame the campus culture for that)— still, I’m seeing around me more and more young Conservatives (and Libertarians) coming out, volunteering, and informing their friends and neighbors about what is really going on in the world.  Rather than smugly brag about “having the facts,” we learn and give the facts.

Pop culture is starting to loosen up to the Right, too— albeit, only bit-by-bit.  I wrote an article a couple months ago about The Dark Knight Rises— but there are also the recent Marvel Comics movies, culminating in The Avengers.  There’s a movie about two mothers reforming an inner-city school— where the teachers’ unions are the bad guys.  Sherwood Pictures and Clint Eastwood are continuing to dish out hits— in short, Tinseltown, much to its own chagrin, is starting to see the “other side” has appeal.

But “cool” is only part of it.  Remember, emotions can blind— and often lead to a stubborn refusal to admit your emotional choice was wrong.  So, my message for Election Day’s simply this: when you stand there, in the booth, the choices laid out for you— leave emotion at the door.

That means: do not throw your vote away in an emotion-driven protest vote for a third-party, no-chance candidate, self-righteously saying “I will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils!”  Use your minds, readers— a vote for anyone in that box other than Mitt Romney means a vote to authorize Barack Obama to continue the course he’s taking us… like it or not.  And propaganda notwithstanding… Mitt is not a “mild copy” of the president.  Vote Mitt Romney— the economy roars back to life, and we’ll be on the right track for curing and saving our nation.  Vote Barack Obama… it won’t— and we won’t.

So, dear readers… let’s get out there, and VOTE!!!

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