Veteran’s Honor

by Eric M. Blake November 12th, 2012 | Conservative Considerations
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Hi, folks.  Most of you will probably want to read my thoughts on what happened, this past Election Day.  Well… the full extent of what I’d want to write will probably warrant more than one article.  I suppose over the next several weeks, I’ll lay it all out.  I won’t leave you all in the dark, dear readers— consider that a promise.

For now, a couple things take precedence.  For one, this past Sunday was Veteran’s Day— when we honor the heroes who served their country, so the rest of us don’t have to— who fought to defend our ideals and our principles, here and around the world.  You may disagree with policies on that end— some may engage in rants about an evil, imperialistic “Military-Industrial-Complex” (as though we’re over there for money… which we never manage to get)— but we dare not smear those who had risked their lives, over there, on the battlefield.

But here’s the other matter: the tragic end to the career of one of our greatest and noblest military leaders: General David Petraeus, the man who won the War in Iraq, when the Left swore up and down that it couldn’t be done.  (Whether or not we’ll return is another issue— many an officer has said to me that we’ll be back, once Al-Qaeda sets up shop, there.  But I digress…)

The general has resigned, stepping down from his position as Director of the CIA.  He cited reasons involving an affair with his biographer.  For a sad period in his life, his considerable honor faltered.  Still, that same honor demanded that he not shrug it off— and so, he is now retired.

Now… this incident’s raised more than a few eyebrows.  Apparently… the FBI had been investigating this for some time— and apparently, the general waited until after the election to step down.  Was he ordered to linger, so as not to damage the president’s restored momentum?  If so, that means the Obama Administration has once again resolved to put politics over national security, prolonging the CIA chief being a potential subject to blackmail.

That brings me to the second problem— Benghazi.  General Petraeus made it absolutely clear: any order to not try and put a stop to the attack on our embassy in Libya did not originate in his office.  Affair or no affair, we have no real reason to doubt his word on that.  So… who did give the order?  The theories: either 1) the general is being set up to be the fall guy, or 2) someone higher up was blackmailing him to keep his mouth shut on what really happened, that fateful day in Benghazi.

If any of those theories are true… then the mistake America made on November 6th is far deeper than any of us ever imagined.  It means Glenn Beck’s correct: history will look back on this Administration as the most corrupt in American History— one willing to risk sacrificing our national security, so as to secure and maintain political power.

I hope to heaven that none of those theories are true.  If they are, you know darn well the “mainstream” media will strive to cover it all up, like they’re still striving to cover up the whole Benghazi debacle.  Any attempts to take the Administration to task for it will be painted as “partisan”, regardless of the rampant hypocrisy of those who level that accusation.  It’s safe to say, folks… that when the great Tim Russert died, what little remained of the “old media’s” trustworthiness died with him.

And so, we witness the end of a legendary career for a legendary man, who refused to let convenience cloud his sense of honor, in the end.

In the ending of the 007 film Quantum of Solace, James Bond notes to M that “the right people kept their jobs.”  Alas… that doesn’t seem to be the case, in America of 2012.  Lt. Col. Allen West— a veteran, a man of honor— struggles to retain his well-deserved Congressional seat.  I can only hope and pray he pulls through, in the end.

But in the end, a good man is gone from our government, while the higher ups get to sit back and sigh with relief.

Well, General… I salute you, at least.  And I thank you, for all you’ve done for our country.

(Image: Pentagon Channel)

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