Unite — And CONQUER!

by Eric M. Blake March 4th, 2013 | Conservative Considerations
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win togetherAll right, folks!  The sequester has been passed — NOW: the pink slips!  The hardened criminals, released into the streets!  It’s the end, I tell you — the END!!!

Sorry, Lefties.  Even President Obama, master of “dirty-air, dirty-water, granny-over-the-cliff, and it’s All The Republicans’ Fault” scares, knows better than to whine and rant, as life goes on.  The “draconian” cut in the growth rate of government spending has had no detrimental effects whatsoever except — maybe — DHS releasing illegals.  And you and I both know that that wasn’t because Big Sis didn’t have the money.  (Obama’s neglect with the carrier and the Persian Gulf can, I feel, be safely logged under the same concern . . .)

So then, what do we have?  We’ve got a GOP in Congress that’s finally rediscovered its guts.  When it became clear that Obama would settle for no deal whatsoever that didn’t involve the Fair Share nonsense (all the while not encouraging any bills from the Democrat end) … Boehner and McConnell threw up their hands and said, “Fine — he’s not taking this seriously.  Why should we?”

And so, as America’s eyes open to the fact that maybe massive cuts sans tax hikes on the Evil Rich aren’t so bad … I look forward to watching the Left struggle to recover from their constant crying of wolf amid the build-up to Judgment day.

In the meantime, our side has some pulling-together of its own, to do.  Let’s be honest, folks: since our admittedly humiliating defeat (in the sense that we lost after highly-expecting a win), the many divisions of the Right have been pointing fingers at each other.  Libertarians blame Social Conservatives, Conservatives blame Libertarians.  Moderates blame the Tea Party, the Tea Party blames Moderates.  It boiled to a near breaking point when John Stossel’s audience collectively booed and hissed Ann Coulter and John Bolton for daring to challenge the Ron Paul doctrine.  (Emphasis on collective — as in “groupthink,” despite proclaimed individualism.  Really … I’m liking big studio audiences less and less, these days.)

Now, some commentators have rightly stood above it all, with Mitt Romney, and noted that the problem is not some group on our side bringing the others down.  It’s nothing more and nothing less than 1) the Left’s ground game, and 2) Obama’s pop-culture appeal to Low-Information voters.

As I’ve emphasized a lot lately— and feel like I can’t emphasize enough — the Right really needs to make inroads in pop culture.  Thank Heaven, four icons in particular are doing exactly that.

Number One: Glenn Beck.  His internet channel, TheBlaze TV, is now getting closer and closer to appearing on your standard cable package.  Shameless plug — he needs your help.  Once you’ve finished reading this article, go straight to www.GetTheBlaze.com and follow the process to demand it of your cable provider!

Number Two: the Godfather, Rush himself, has recently dedicated a regular segment of his show to comment on celebrities and general pop-culture news.  While at first he presumably was being a little satirical … caller feedback has since revealed that it has actually worked to bring in listeners who are normally turned off to political talk.  You get the idea — we must be able to hold conversations with people whose choices of news sources are TMZ and ET.

Number Three: Senator Marco Rubio — who’s taken the water-bottle “scandal” and having fun with it — with the help of Israel’s PM, Poland Springs loving the product placement, and of course … Rubio-brand water bottles.  At long last, we’ve rediscovered the Reaganesque key to defeating Left-field smear jobs:  Have fun with them.  Speaking of which …

Number Four: His Awesomeness, Chris Christie.  Showing up on Leftie comedian David Letterman’s show, the governor proceeded to basically put politics aside (and good thing, too — remember what I said about groupthink?), and just shoot the proverbial breeze.  Christie and Letterman hit it off over the governor’s favorite fat jokes about himsel … and even pulled out a donut “like a boss”.  The man is a legend … the man is popular — the man, in a word, is cool.  As such, I’m quite concerned with the recent snubs against him by both Glenn Beck (who was for a long time his biggest fan) and CPAC.  While he’s not a solidlockstep Conservative, he’s still an icon who can save the Right’s image.

Victory comes step-by-step, folks.  Take it … or leave it.

2 Responses to “Unite — And CONQUER!”
  1. Lori S. says:

    I met a billionaire a few years ago…wasn’t much impressed with him. Had a lot of money, but not much empathy for those less fortunate. His widow has the governor in her back pocket…shameful how money talks.

  2. Eric M. Blake says:

    ^Well, money talks–but it doesn’t vote. In the end, it’s all up to us.

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