Turning the Talk to Climate Change

by T Akery June 25th, 2015 | Republican Reflections
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burning globeIt is funny how the term has evolved from “global warming” to “climate change.” But that’s the focus of this week’s discussion by the President. I guess it beats talking about violating the Constitution with a clearly out of control NSA or the war in Syria. While this is probably another distraction with no discernible outcome, it is a change of pace for the President.

But really, don’t expect anything new from this one. What is likely to get rehashed is his position on the Keystone pipeline. This is a continual problem that should have been resolved last year. It would have been simple. Approve the pipeline and keep the promises on creating a few jobs. While the environmentalists would have protested, the newly-employed taxpayers would have been rejoicing and giving the Federal Government its share of the bounty.

It would have been relatively easy to ignore the environmentalists since no one really pays all that much attention to them anyway because of a severe image problem due to their credibility. Of course, it doesn’t help their cause to have Al Gore speak for them when flying his CO2 emitting jet planes all over the country. It also didn’t help that maybe their scientific data wasn’t as accurate as it claimed to be.

But for some reason (money), President Obama has sided with the environmentalists on the totally unreasonable demands. While I do believe in taking care of the environment, there does have to be a balance between industry, aka people earning a living, and environmental concerns.

Unfortunately, most of the so-called “environmental improvements” that these environmentalists support hurt the environment more than they actually help it. Electric cars are an excellent example of this. Sure, get rid of stuff out of the back end of a car in favor of burning more fossil fuels to keep up with the new electrical demand. That’s ignoring the environmental impact of disposal of all those car batteries of which every one contains caustic chemicals that are far more dangerous than CO2.

Yes, Carbon Dioxide is the sworn enemy of the EPA. Let’s totally forget that there is a natural and renewable solution to disposing of CO2. Let’s also forget that natural and renewable solution involves the creation of a very helpful gas called Oxygen. While CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so is water vapor. When is the President going to limit how much evaporation the sun does with his regulations? What about methane? Methane is a far worse greenhouse gas. Yet, natural areas in Canada spew this stuff into the air on a daily basis. Is this the cause for more regulation in Canada? But I digress.

“Climate change” is the new politically correct term pushed forward by people who now realize that their observations were inaccurate to say the least. The President has obviously picked up this new term from them. But the real problem here is that he is going to push his agenda through with Executive Orders. In other words, he is once again attempting to bypass Congress to do his own thing. That’s a problem.

Yes, Congress is the dysfunctional step-child of the Federal Government. Yes, it can’t agree on anything. But our system was set up specifically so that no branch of Government had full power. By trying to pass these regulations through an executive order, President Obama is violating that order of our Constitution.

Thus, his speech is more about his wielding of power than his claim to “save the environment.” It is sad really. But don’t expect anything more out of this speech. Those executive orders aren’t going to save the environment. But they certainly will take a few trees down in the process and hurt the real heroes in the fight against the very evil Carbon Dioxide.

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