The Week of Tragedies

by T Akery April 30th, 2013 | Republican Reflections
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half staffOn April 15, two bombs went off in Boston. On April 17, a fertilizer plant blew up. It has been one of the worst weeks in the United States in quite some time. While the shock is now wearing off and the funerals have begun, it is important to keep your head during this time. There are lessons to be learned from both incidents. But before this turns into a huge blame game revolving around who is at fault in the Federal Government, it is important that you direct your efforts in a manner that helps the victims and not the scammers.

Yes, the scammers are out directly after a tragedy. Two such high profile tragedies are an irresistible business opportunity. So, it is important that you don’t get victimized by those who choose to use these tragedies for their own selfish gains.

Watch for solicitation emails or phone calls about the so-called “victims.” These are most assuredly scams. They are designed to play on your emotions and get you to donate your money directly to them. If you find one of these emails in your inbox, send it directly to the FBI Internet Scam site. Reporting them is the only to get them to stop.

Watch out for requests from newly created charities with celebrity endorsements. This does not mean the charities are legitimate. Celebrities can be fooled. You’ll need to check out the charities and where they are spending their money. If most of it is going to administration instead of the victims, the charity isn’t worth donating to. You will be supporting salaries instead of the victims. If you are in any doubt about a charity, stick with the more well-known ones.

While it has only been a week, the scammers have been active since the tragedies. There is no conscience in these individuals. They are worse than the Federal Government. So, don’t become a victim of these individuals because of a tragedy.

Now that you have been warned, the question of who is at fault can be addressed.

There is a clear line of fault in the Texas tragedy. There was a failure by the company to follow safety regulations. Fertilizer is a well-known explosive aid. The company was storing way more than they should have. Thus, when the explosion occurred, the responders had absolutely no chance to escape. This should be a lesson for all businesses.

The line of fault is also very clear in Boston. It was the work of two terrorist individuals who thought they could pull off this tragedy. It was only their fault. Yes, the FBI did investigate the individuals involved but they are not the ones to blame for a failure to act. At the time of investigation, the terrorists had not acted on the threat. The FBI is not graced with mind readers to determine when these terrorists would act.

While the lines of fault can be drawn, it is important not to become a victim yourself during these times. The scammers are out and ready to make a profit off of these tragedies. You can help but be aware of where your money is going.

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