The Union Involvement in the Occupy Protests

by T Akery October 19th, 2011 | Political Opinions
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What is becoming abundantly clear after weeks of protesting is that the Unions have begun taking advantage of the protestors. While no one is disputing the right to actually protest, the involvement of the Unions can only spell trouble for the Occupy movement. It is not that they are providing supplies or even hiring people to help protest. What the Unions want is much more transparent.

They want people to like them. Yes, they are taking advantage of the protestors as a way to boost themselves in public opinion. The Unions have been taking a big hit in the public relations department.

In actuality, it really started spiraling downhill with the pending failure and  subsequent bailout of two car companies. It was the uncompromising stance that the Union took. In the eyes of the public, the Union appeared to have rather let their company fail then bend enough to save it. Frankly, without the government bailouts, it is very likely the Union would have collapsed under the weight.

But it wasn’t just that. The main culprit to the downhill PR slide was in the public Unions. It didn’t take a mathematician to figure out the apparent income discrepancies between the private and public sectors. But it really came to a head at the Wisconsin protests when schools shut their doors and students weren’t in class.

Now that they have become involved in the Occupy Protests, they are trying to recapture some of the public esteem that they have lost over the last few years. It is sad, really, because by doing so, they are taking away from the message of the other protestors.

They are doing this on two basic fronts.

The first is that they are offering supplies to the protestors. This is in effect to keep the protests running as long as possible. The longer it runs, the longer their PR campaign of goodwill runs.

The second front is that they are adding to the protest population. This is in the hope that more protestors mean more attention for them. Which in turn boosts the validity of the protests.

However, their message of goodwill also masks a darker side. The Unions have their own version of greed.

Secretly, they want corporate greed. Why? Because corporate greed means that the Unions can grab more benefits, wages, and bonuses. Think about it. The amount of profit a company makes figures into Union contract negotiations. The more money a company has, the more money the Union can demand for its workers.

As a result, the Union can demand higher dues which gives the Union more spending power. For them, it means more political influence.

Then if the private sector Unions are getting all of this stuff, by default, the Public sector ones should get it too, and all of those benefits get billed right back to the taxpayers.

Even if the motives of the individual protestors aren’t clear, the motive of the Unions in the protests are very clear. To put it simply, they need this public relations campaign to justify their existence. Because if you take a really deep look into the economy, the Unions are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

2 Responses to “The Union Involvement in the Occupy Protests”
  1. Abundy says:

    So if a corporation hires people to block access to other companies and their resources, it is OK? A Union is just another name for a corrupt multi-national corporation with the exception that they ARE apparently allowed to hire people to block access to shipping, public parks, government buildings, etc? End Unions now! They are corrupt AND they are adept at stealing money from the hardest working Americans!

  2. tom says:

    they get envolved ever chance they can to protect the standards of working class union and nonunion alike, if they are helping the protesters there is a reason, the protesters have something to say but do you hear or see any of it on tv, wonder why, big bussiness controls the news what is it that the protesters are saying that big bussiness doesn’t want us to hear.

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