The Government’s Handling of the Budget Cuts

by T Akery March 11th, 2013 | Political Opinions
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flag n leavesThe Federal Government’s handling of the budget cuts is like watching a bad sitcom where the actors do everything but take responsibility. There have been more doomsday warnings about a 2% budget cut then there have been warnings about probable asteroids hitting the earth. In fact, one landed in Russia not to long ago. Instead of freaking out about the end of the world, Russia is taking a much more logical step. They are searching for million-dollar asteroid fragments.

In fact, much of what has been said has been so exaggerated that Woodward actually called the President out on it. If you don’t know who Woodward is, he is a liberal reporter. He worked for the Washington Post. But his main street cred is for outing Nixon for Watergate. Yet, some in the media are so blinded by President Obama that they can’t see the truth when it hits them in the face.

The American people see exactly how this President is handling the sequester and it isn’t pretty. There has already been a raise in taxes similar to the amount of the sequester. They dealt with it in a responsible manner. Yet, all of this hype is so against the very nature of responsibility that it boggles the mind. It shows that the President can’t do his fundamental job that he was elected to do. It shows his inability to be a leader. When enough time passes, history will not be so kind to him. Maybe, when some of the media looks back, they will realize how foolish they were as well. It might even embarrass a few of them. Of course, the chances of them admitting it are zero and nil.

You know the worst thing about all of this is that the President can spend all of this money on dinners, golf games, vacations, wine and whatever else. Yet, he can’t figure out how to keep the White House open long enough so the American people can take a tour. That’s just pathetic and sad. It is also a sign of how little responsibility and leadership President Obama has. That pretty much says it all.

Yes, the sequester was never meant to become law. Yet, it became law. President Obama signed it instead of vetoing it. It was never meant to go into effect. Yet, it went into effect. But the White House never planned for it to go into effect. Everyone in the Senate and White House seemed shocked that a bill they put into law actually went into effect. Given the total dysfunction of the Senate, every American could practically see that one coming.

What this little exercise in budget cutting has proven without a doubt is that the President and Congress are completely clueless when it comes to money. About the only thing they can do is swipe the credit card. Sadly, the President and Congress’ salaries are still very much intact. Perhaps, it is about time that they contributed their share of funds to the national debt.

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