The Dark Side Of Perfectionism

by Eric M. Blake July 1st, 2015 | Conservative Considerations
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rubio af2Back in May, I wrote of the dangers of abandoning Senator Marco Rubio to the other seven members of the Gang of Eight — of trashing any honest alterations of methods he proposed in the immigration bill.  (He made it clear to Sean Hannity, recall, that his changes in policy were honest changes of opinion — paraphrasing Keynes, he thought the facts changed — and so, he changed his mind a bit.)  I said we should instead make it clear as a movement — Conservatives, Tea Partiers, whoever — that we support his intentions, we have his back, and in return ask him to respond in kind.

Instead, people at first took for granted that the good senator had the strength to hold firm on his own.  At least … that’s how people  seemed to act.  After all — this is Marco Rubio, Superhero, that we’re talking about, here — he doesn’t need us holding the line with him … right?

Well, folks … to be honest, I’m not too surprised that he all but fell into the role of an effective “dupe” for the rest of the Gang.  When you’re the lone fighter in a battle — when the other big boys (a la McCain and Graham) are already “moderates” who’ve sold out to “Progressivism”, and the foot-soldiers you’d counted on are simply sitting on the sidelines and rooting or booing or whatever — from the sidelines … when you’re alone, what’s the real point of holding the line?  All you’ll get is creamed — no ifs, ands, or buts.

That’s what happened, here.  All he really got, by and large, is “criticize — criticize — criticize”, by otherwise excellent folks like the Heritage Foundation.  Rubio didn’t have the Conservative force behind him he should have — and so, tragically … he broke.

And that, to be blunt, is why when I hear and see Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin — both of whom I otherwise admire greatly — acting eager and ready to trash Marco Rubio for his vote, calling him a “piece of garbage” and talking about “30 pieces of silver”… I can only feel contempt and disgust: the same disgust I feel when I read similar things in the “comments” section on YouTube videos and online news articles about what happened, these past few weeks.  (Frankly, I can only shake my head when I then hear Glenn imploring Marco to “get out” of the bad company he’s keeping before it’s too late … um, Glenn? — when you’ve already called him “garbage” etc. without apology, why should he listen?)

And so, for all who’ve so self-righteously thrown Sen. Rubio out to dry, I have this to say:  SHAME on you!

Until now, Marco Rubio’s been a firm and consistent fighter for Conservative principles on the Senate floor.  Remember when he stood with Rand Paul, and had his back?  We all hailed him as a hero — and called the filibuster THE moment that established who the heroes were in the GOP, and who the villains were.

And for one vote, you’ll throw that away?!?

Whether we agree with what he did or not — does that excuse suddenly re-branding him a “traitor” or a “RINO”?  For goodness sake — Rick Santorum voted against a national Right-To-Work law — and yet he was Beck’s choice in the primaries.   Ronald Reagan raised taxes when he first took office in California (after promising he wouldn’t …  although he DID tell citizens he had to break his promise) — and then signed a pro-choice bill into law.

Did that make them “traitors”?  No — just not perfect! (And particularly in Reagan’s case, it was a matter of philosophical growth — he became strongly pro-life and anti-tax in later years.)

Is Rubio a traitor/RINO?  No more than those two — so drop the nonsense and take a look at HIS point of view!  As he noted, it was either try and twist the Gang’s bill to make it palatable for US … or else let the Left have their way.

Do I agree with his solutions?  Not necessarily.  Do I think that this ONE issue is enough to destroy him as a credible Tea-Party Conservative?  Nono—NO!  And to be blunt, I’m thoroughly disgusted with those who do.  Really! Give Rand Paul and Ted Cruz enough time … they’ll both cast “disappointing” votes, themselves.

Senator Rubio, I got your back — and come 2016, I’ll STILL vote for you — proudly.

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  1. TK says:

    As long as there are political parties there will not be real change. Because people with conviction will always be attacked as a TRAITOR.

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