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Winners and Losers – Obama, Romney and Johnson

by James Maynard October 2nd, 2012 Winners & Losers
President Barack Obama continued to solidify his thin lead in most presidential polls over the last week, leading many pundits to speculate that the election is already essentially over. Although that kind of statement can (and often does) prove to be immature (Thomas Dewey, anyone?), it is clear that Obama is likely ahead in the popular vote, as well as probable electoral votes at the current time. With about a month left before the general election, it is a good time for any candidate to be solidifying his or her lead, regardless of the office sought. For this reason,
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Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, And…

by Eric M. Blake October 1st, 2012 Conservative Considerations
All right, all right, all right.  We’ve all heard it, folks— as bad as the economy’s been under President Obama… he simply can’t be touched on foreign policy.  That’s his strong point— and if Mitt Romney dares to try and criticize him, he’ll be on shaky ground.

I mean— look at how much Obama’s done for us!  All the drone attacks— Al Qaeda is decimated!  Meanwhile, Obama’s succeeded in restoring America’s image around the world, after the beating it took under that reckless cowboy, Bush—

And, don’t forget… as the brilliant and witty Joe Biden has said, “Osama bin Laden is
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The More Things Change… Well, You Know

by Jason Lightner September 28th, 2012 Independent Ideas
A lot has changed since I began writing for Camp Campaign. The largest leak of classified military information in the history of the United States occurred, Osama bin Laden met his demise at the hands of U.S. Navy Seals, we rallied against Internet censorship, and the President of the United States answered questions on a website that was once labeled a haven for child pornographers.

On the other hand, a lot has stayed the same. Republicans are still the lapdogs of their millionaire masters, the 4th Amendment still means absolutely nothing, we're still
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The Forty-Seven Percent Solution

by Eric M. Blake September 24th, 2012 Conservative Considerations
You have to love how the media handles gaffes.  If Sarah Palin makes a gaffe— real or invented by Saturday Night Live— it’s “proof” that she’s an idiot.  If Joe Biden makes a gaffe, it’s “just Joe being Joe”.

If Barack Obama slips and says in a speech, “If you have a business— you didn’t build that… someone else made that happen!”… it was taken out of context.  He didn’t really mean that— he was talking about words and bridges!  (Of course, that means our brilliant president— with the highest IQ of any president ever, don’t forget— has a problem
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Assange Still Free, Freedom – Not So Much

by Jason Lightner September 21st, 2012 Independent Ideas
In a report by The Sydney Morning Herald, an interesting twist in the Julian Assange sexual assault affair was revealed.

According to a 100-page document shown to Assange's lawyers, Swedish police attempted to make their argument for the extradition of the Wikileaks founder to Stockholm for questioning. It seems, however, that all the Swedish police did is make the case for the opposite.

The documents in question said that two separate forensic laboratories were unable to find decisive evidence of Julian Assange's DNA on a torn condom submitted by one of the two women claiming to have been assaulted. Interestingly
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The NDAA, Obama, Forrest, Stein and Walker

by James Maynard September 19th, 2012 Winners & Losers
This was a week where the biggest news stories in politics came from the courts.

The biggest loser of the week on the political front, whether it is obvious or not yet, is President Obama. His administration's insistence on indefinite detentions for American citizens was dealt a blow on Wednesday the 12th, as Federal Judge Katherine Forrest reaffirmed her May ruling that such detentions are unconstitutional.

The case in question is a lawsuit filed by Noam Chomsky, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and Daniel Ellsberg, best known for releasing the Pentagon papers in 1971.

The contention of the suit is that provisions
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The Feds Are Printing Future Inflation

by T Akery September 18th, 2012 Political Opinions
Among all the chaos in the Middle East, the Feds are once again doing something in an attempt to pick up the lagging economy. They are printing more money. Just how this is supposed to solve everyone's economic situation is still unclear. But this is the third time they have done it.

It sounds good to have more money. But in reality, it isn't more money, it is just more paper. See, there is absolutely nothing to back up this influx of new currency except more debt. Putting more money into an otherwise flooded system isn't really a good thing.
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How Gullible Can We Be?

by Eric M. Blake September 17th, 2012 Conservative Considerations
The ease with which so many in our country can be duped by the blatantly absurd never ceases to amaze me.  For one thing, if there’s one characteristic that Bill Clinton is known for, more than any other… it’s lying through his teeth.  And yet we still have people who persist in fawning over how we can “tell” that he “honestly cares”, after that speech of his at the DNC.

Speaking of the Democrats, we have Debbie Wasserman Shultz swearing up and down that there was no real discord over their platform problems with God and Jerusalem.  (To his credit,
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Clinton/Gore 2012

by Jason Lightner September 14th, 2012 Independent Ideas
Can we repeal the twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution already?

I'm half-joking, of course. As much as I'd love for there to be the potential for an effective monarchy in the absence of term limits in the United States, I understand and appreciate the need to have a  Presidential expiration date.

Still, a third Clinton presidency would truly be something. I mean, did you see the man's speech at the Democratic National Convention? Did you? It's the sort of thing red, white, and blue dreams are made of. Clinton spoke with such conviction, such passion, and such confidence
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Winners and Losers: Clinton, Clinton and Castro

by James Maynard September 12th, 2012 Winners & Losers
Last week was the Democratic Convention, and the party leaders addressed the faithful with varying degrees of success.

The biggest winner of all was certainly Bill Clinton. Although unlikely to return to politics himself being a former president, his rousing speech and stirring commentary raised his likeability factor once again with the political left. Although he may never again serve in office, daughter Chelsea Clinton told Vogue Magazine last month that she will not rule out a run for political office in the future. With her dad stumping for her, able to attract large, friendly crowds, this week may have
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Politics and Facebook

by Jessica B. September 11th, 2012 Political Opinions
It is still two months until the election cycle, but Facebook is alive and well with countless political updates, photos, and political debates. And I think a lot of people end up wondering "Am I really friends with this person?"

Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk about politics. I have very strong opinions which I am proud of and have no trouble expressing. As I report often on political situations around the world for several different news sources, I am also very read up on a wide variety of political situations around the world.

But I just draw the
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I Watched the DNC So You Didn’t Have To….

by Eric M. Blake September 10th, 2012 Conservative Considerations
It was apropos that amidst the Democratic National Convention, we saw a Hollywood liberal, interviewed by Sean Hannity, evade and bounce around simple facts like President Obama’s promise to cut the deficit in half by… 2012 — or the success of the Reagan years.  Double-speak was a major theme of the Convention: among other things, we had Harry Reid whining and moaning about Tea-Party/GOP obstructionism and lack of “compromise”— never mind his own constant failure to allow important and vital legislation on the Senate floor…  (He then trashed Romney for a lack of transparency—still acting like Obama’s a paragon
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