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Party Line Winners and Losers

by Ronald A. Rowe March 14th, 2012 Political Opinions, Presidential Election, Winners & Losers
The Winners and Losers are divided along party lines this time around.  Sure, there were a few individual ups and downs.  Republican Chris Christie seemed to be having a good time this week just being himself.  But in the final analysis the Donkeys definitely came out better than the Elephants this week.


The Democratic Party

What a coincidence - a pro-Obama movie and an anti-Palin (and by extension, anti-Republican) movie both coming out in an election year.  What good fortune for President Obama and the Democratic Party that Hollywood is coming to the rescue before there's even a Republican nominee.

I think
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Is a Long Republican Primary an Advantage or a Disadvantage?

by Jessica B. March 13th, 2012 Presidential Election
For a long time Republicans have been flexing their muscles around Obama’s approval rating, saying that the low numbers all but hand them the next presidential election; but here it is March of the election year and there is still no strong leader. There isn’t even a strong second place finisher, because there are way too many candidates jockeying for first place. In the last election, Obama and Clinton went head to head until June. And Obama came out the victor. Will this long primary help or hurt the Republicans this November?


I think the main difference between this year’s
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Forgive And Forget About It!

by Eric M. Blake March 12th, 2012 Conservative Considerations, General Politics, Political Opinions
In my previous article, I noted that “standards of consistency — and decency — don’t matter that much to the Left”.  Take the vitriol against Rick Santorum, which is now reaching the point of twisting Bible verses to mean something completely different than what they actually say.  (Look closely at the passage in Numbers that you-know-who invokes, concerning the test for an adulterous wife.  It’s not abortion, of course — as anyone not desperately scouring for “hypocrisy” in Christianity would know.  In fact, it’s pretty amazing to see how — millennia before STDs were ever identified — God indicated just what to
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Santorum Keeps Spewing Idiocy

by Jason Lightner March 9th, 2012 Independent Ideas
Looks like our good friend Rick Santorum is back in the news again, this time with an unbelievable line from an NBC interview dated December 30th.

"We can't have 50 different marriage laws in this country," he said. "You have to have one marriage law."

Well wait just a minute here... I thought Republicans were all for States' rights... Am I missing something? Or is this simply more bigoted rhetoric being spouted from the mouth of someone who doesn't actually understand the concept of "freedom", but instead wants to push his religious beliefs on everyone else?

The latter? Oh,
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The Breitbart Obama Arpaio Paul Conspiracy

by Ronald A. Rowe March 7th, 2012 Independent Views, Political Opinions, Winners & Losers
Andrew Breitbart passed away this week at the too-young age of 43. Although I wasn't always the biggest fan of his uber-confrontational style, he was a young guy and his children are now fatherless. The venomous comments flying through the blogosphere are just so cruel and tasteless that it actually makes me sad.

In the silver lining department, Breitbart's death has generated the latest, greatest round of conspiracy theories, which I do so enjoy. So let's follow this one through. Bear with me as we walk through this theory from the beginning.

The theory goes: President Obama was born in Kenya.
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War with Iran?

by T Akery March 6th, 2012 World Politics
With all of the news about birth control lately, a story of mounting concern has been overlooked. Well, maybe not a story, but a country that has been handing the US and other countries plenty of headaches: Iran. Is it possible that the U.S. would enter another war after Iraq and Afghanistan? The answer is scary. War with Iran may happen. Even though President Bush was criticized many times for fighting on two fronts, there is a very real possibility that President Obama will soon be in that exact same situation. This is despite the fact that President Obama
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Santorum’s Ridiculous Religion Rampage

by Jason Lightner March 2nd, 2012 Independent Ideas
To add to last week's little bit of crazy from Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum comes this little gem:

"I don't believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute"

This is a quote from ABC's This Week, as reported by the Associated Press. Let me reiterate that this is a quote, what an actual candidate for the highest office in the land stated plainly, and yet he is considered not just by the media, but also by a large portion of the people in this country, to still be a top contender for
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The Romney-Paul Conspiracy

by Ronald A. Rowe February 29th, 2012 Political Opinions, Winners & Losers
There's nothing like a good conspiracy theory to get your day going. So without further introduction, let's jump right to our first winner...

The Romney-Paul Conspiracy Theory
You've probably heard it by now: the real reason that Ron Paul has been so harsh on Rick Santorum and so chummy with Mitt Romney is that Romney bribed him. In exchange for Paul's explicit support, the theory goes, Romney will name Rand Paul, Ron's son, as his running mate. This theory gets a nod as a Winner this week, not because there's a shred of truth to it, but because it is
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Birth Control, Religion and Health Insurance

by Jessica B. February 28th, 2012 Political Opinions
In a much needed break from this election actually dealing with real issues like the economy, the wars, civil rights or anything that people might really have a vested interest in, we have, this month been sent back in some kind of time warp to where birth control is some how the enemy and something every politician has an opinion on. Not even something as understandably divisive as abortion, but simple birth control.


Suddenly, religious organizations that run businesses such as hospitals and schools have decided they don’t want to foot the bill for their employees’ immoral behavior. And thus,
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Rick Santorum and the Culture War

by Eric M. Blake February 27th, 2012 Conservative Considerations, General Politics, Republican Reflections
I’ve been reading all the bashing of Rick Santorum on social issues lately, and it’s been pretty hilarious:  “Santorum’s a radical Christian who opposes fundamental freedoms in the United States and elsewhere!”  “Santorum’s number-one priority is what we’re looking at on a computer screen!”  “Santorum thinks that God needs to be in everyone’s business 24/7!”  “Santorum wants to undo all the progress we’ve made since the '50s!”  “Santorum wants to appoint an Attorney General to make sure that federal obscenity laws are enforced—”

Um…why shouldn’t laws be enforced?  Isn’t that the Constitutional point of a president—to “take Care that the Laws be
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Santorum Does the Time Warp

by Jason Lightner February 24th, 2012 Independent Ideas
This week I have but one question to ask:

Why, in the name of God, does Rick Santorum care so much about other people's sex lives? In a way, I've kind of answered my own question there. It's this ridiculous notion that, somehow, God needs to be in everyone's business 24/7, telling people what to do and who to screw. For those who still ignorantly believe that the Pledge of Allegiance is evidence enough that we are a Christian nation and need to be run as such, I'd like to point out that the line "under God" was not added to
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Anything Other than Whitney Houston

by Ronald A. Rowe February 22nd, 2012 General Politics, Winners & Losers
Another week, another batch of winners and losers from the world of politics.

President Obama
Another week gone by and the Republicans are no closer to choosing a candidate to oppose the President. A few months ago he looked like a dead duck. There was no way he could be reelected.  The economy is still in the toilet, Obama still hasn’t delivered on any of his campaign promises, and his go-to excuse of blaming President Bush is wearing thin. But none of that matters if the GOP can’t find somebody – ANYBODY – that they can agree on.  President Obama's ticket
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