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The All Hilary Rosen Winners and Losers

by Ronald A. Rowe April 18th, 2012 Political Opinions, Presidential Election, Winners & Losers
Wow, did Hilary Rosen manage to stir up a tempest in a tea cup this week. Her ill-conceived comment about Ann Romney, mother of five, having never worked a day in her life was the catalyst for a whole lot of movement in the political landscape this week. So who were the Winners and who were the Losers in this particular kerfuffle? Camp Campaign proudly presents the first (and almost certainly last) ever All-Hilary Rosen Winners and Losers.

Mitt Romney – Winner
Mitt Romney had been under siege for his “War on Women”, as President Obama put it. Rosen’s comments
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President Obama’s Campaign Platform: Higher Taxes

by T Akery April 17th, 2012 Political Opinions, Presidential Election, Presidential News
President Obama will once again make Presidential history this campaign season, but not in the way you think. He will be the only President in history to make a point of running on a campaign of higher taxes. Instead of following in Reagan's "no new taxes" footsteps, President Obama is campaigning on quite the opposite platform. While the catchy phrases and slogans haven't quite come out yet, there are a couple of major tax increases that he is supporting.

The Buffett rule is one of the tax increases that he is trying to garner support for. There are a few
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Come Together, Right Now…

by Eric M. Blake April 16th, 2012 Conservative Considerations, Presidential Election, Republican Reflections
Faithful readers of Camp Campaign are probably wondering how I feel.  After all…out of the final four, Rick Santorum was my guy.  And now, he’s out.

To be honest … I can’t say I feel that bad.  I wish he’d  done a lot better.  Heck — I wish all that lynching of Herman Cain hadn’t happened, and that he’d ridden high, clinched the nomination, beaten the heck out of President Obama on his own turf — racial minorities — and brought some good old 9-9-9 to our nation’s economy.  Alas … you can’t always get what you want.

Besides … all
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‘Deau vs. ‘Zeau

by Ronald A. Rowe April 4th, 2012 Political Opinions, Winners & Losers
This week's edition features a healthy bit of what-if-ing along with the standard lists of Winners and Losers:

'deau vs. 'zeau
Two Canadian politicians have decided to settle things the old-fashioned way -- with a winner-takes-all boxing match. In the Left corner (ideologically speaking), weighing in at 6'2" and 175 pounds, is Liberal MP Justin Trudeau. In the Right corner, weighing in at 5'10" and 183 pounds, is Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau. The younger Brazeau was favored to win, but the lanky Trudeau won the match.

Can you imagine if we backwards hillbillies in the USA could catch up to our
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Your Vote Counts

by T Akery April 3rd, 2012 Political Facts, Presidential Election
Your vote counts. Don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't. It isn't true. Our whole government system is based on the right to vote. That was a reason that the 15th and subsequently 19th Amendments were added to the U.S. Constitution. There was a lot of effort to give everyone this basic fundamental right. If history alone isn't enough to convince you, then perhaps this will.

Your vote is your voice. It is really that simple. If you don't vote, you don't have a voice. Remember, it doesn't count if you don't cast it.

See, there is this misconception that
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April Showers…

by Eric M. Blake April 2nd, 2012 Conservative Considerations, General Politics, Presidential Election
While there are times where I find myself “tacking on” my thoughts on something to my articles, as a rule, I always have a specific main subject — one main point to bring to the table.  This week, however, I feel the need to bring more than one, in the tradition of Ronald Rowe’s excellent “Winners & Losers” column.  Of course, I’m not one to plagiarize — and besides, for one of these subjects, the winner and the loser will be unknown until June.  So — without further ado…

We’re Number One!

Sounds good, I know…but of course, there’s a catch. 
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Mostly Winners

by Ronald A. Rowe March 28th, 2012 Political Opinions, Presidential Election, Winners & Losers
OK, I admit that I was a little on the cynical side last week. So to make up for it I've actively tried to find more Winners than Losers this time around. It took a sometimes creative definition of Winner and more than a little bit of sarcasm, but I hereby present the Mostly-Winners edition of Winners and Losers.

Dick Cheney
Former Vice President Dick Cheney got a heart transplant this week, supposedly from an anonymous donor. Pretty good for a 71-year-old with a 30 year+ history of heart attacks.

The Hunger Games
The books were beloved by more than just the
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Never Let A Crisis…

by Eric M. Blake March 26th, 2012 Conservative Considerations, General Politics, Political Facts
One of the things I don’t think I’ll ever get used to is the shameless tendency of the Left to try and exploit a tragedy.  Timothy McVeigh?  Oh, he was an extreme right-winger — Rush Limbaugh must’ve driven him to it!  Paul Wellstone dies?  For Paul Wellstone — let’s take the fight to the GOP, and take back Congress!  9/11?  Bush should’ve seen it coming!  No — scratch that — he was the one who did it: that’s right, 9/11 was an inside job!  Katrina?  It’s Bush’s fault — Dick Cheney blew up the levees, and “George Bush doesn’t
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A Clarification and Some Imagination

by Jason Lightner March 23rd, 2012 Independent Ideas
In my piece entitled "Santorum's Ridiculous Religion Rampage", I seem to have struck a chord with one of our readers.

"Atheists not starting wars? Atheists not being responsible for mass murder and the like? Dude, militant atheists were the cause for the vast majority of the genocides of the past century… (and if you include Hitler as well, with his pagan-influenced philosophy, then it would be the overwhelming majority). I shouldn’t even begin to list Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and other proud atheists. Otherwise, you’re spot on about Santorum (although I think he is less extreme

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The Political Issue that Trumps Them All

by T Akery March 20th, 2012 Congress, Presidential Election, Presidential News
The debate on birth control is headed to the court. The Supreme Court is about to deal with health care on March 26. But of all the political issues out on the table, there is one that trumps them all. It is gas prices. Yes, President Obama could face a defeat simply because the price of gas is too high for Americans.

Oil is one of those entities that everyone uses in some way or other. Its sheer flexibility has made it hard for the alternative energy sources to compete with it. As the price goes higher, the spending power
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Get Out And VOTE!

by Eric M. Blake March 19th, 2012 Conservative Considerations, General Politics, Political Facts
(A brief note: Faithful Camp Campaign followers may have noticed the clash another writer here seems to want to initiate with yours truly.  I will make it a point, as I always have, to not dignify such by addressing him directly.  Instead, in any conflict of opinion here, I've made it a point to invoke the facts as I see them—including, but not limited to, an article of my own regarding Rick Santorum, and the beginning of my last article—so as to challenge arguments on those grounds, rather than engage in dismissive name-calling.  Let the readers read both.  To
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You Can’t Stop the Bum Rush, Or Can You?

by Jason Lightner March 16th, 2012 Independent Ideas
Wow. Three Santorum articles in a row, and we were even graced with a cameo appearance from our resident propagandist, Eric M. Blake in the comments during the last one. Unfortunately, the ever-so-necessary debate on religion's role in government will have to take the backseat this week, as we have more important topics to discuss. No, those topics don't include racist Ron Paul. They do, however, have a lot to do with a topic the the Doctor has a certain penchant for discussing – privacy and liberty.

You see, a Maryland court recently ruled that the
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