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Celebrity Gossip

by Eric M. Blake September 9th, 2013 Conservative Considerations
via rodeoIt's amusing how often entertainment magazines treat certain celebrities as though they’re experts on political issues.  With few exceptions, said celebrities tend to be Lefties — therefore, their responses are pretty predictable.  There are exceptions, naturally — Brad Pitt and Samuel L. Jackson both recently came out pro-gun.  But as the vast majority of entertainment media tends to lean pretty darn Left — and by “lean”, I mean often horizontally — they’ll rarely go to Bruce Willis (who once hilariously skewered Al Gore via a pinwheel hat resembling a “green-energy” windmill) or Jon Voight for insight.

Ideally, actors shouldn’t get too vocal
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Hawks and Doves

by Ronald A. Rowe September 5th, 2013 Winners & Losers
war n peaceSyria -- Loser -- There is no way to look at this past week as anything but a big loss for Syria. Both sides of Syria’s ongoing civil war took their licks, either physically and immediately or symbolically for the long-term. Assad crossed President Obama’s red line (a line which the president is now trying to disown) and whatever comes next is upon himself and his regime.

George W. Bush -- Winner -- The Democrats would never cop to it, of course. But there has to be a measure of vindication for former President George W.
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Syria’s Civil War

by T Akery September 3rd, 2013 Republican Reflections
sitroom whSyria is having its own Civil War. It is always bad when two heavily armed factions fight against each other. The history of the United States bears a strong testimony to this. While the U.S. Civil War is well in the past, Syria's Civil War is happening right now. While it is very tempting for the President to interfere based on the many speeches he has made about Syria, he really needs to stop making promises that may never come to fruition. In rare agreement, both Democrats and Republicans are reluctant to enter another war.

There are so many problems
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Leftist Hypocrisy: Iraq and Syria

by Eric M. Blake September 2nd, 2013 Conservative Considerations
syrian_flagAs the late, lamented Heath Ledger would say in his last and greatest role, “Let’s wind the clocks back…” a few years—say, about a decade.  In the Middle East, a dictator rules by force and corruption alone, spending as much time thumbing his nose at the world community as he does abusing and oppressing his people.  Rumors abound that he is harboring weapons of mass destruction—and any attempt to get to the truth of the matter is met with imposed delays from said dictator.  As such, any inspectors are made a mockery of.  Meanwhile, the taunting and the abuse
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Dog-Day Deliberations

by Eric M. Blake August 26th, 2013 Conservative Considerations

So we got Barack Obama basically going back on his “red-line” a year ago on Syria — that under no circumstances would the U.S. tolerate the use of chemical weapons in this civil war.  Lo and behold … his administration is now “debating” whether he should make good on his word.

Look, folks: whether we should get involved in another Middle Eastern conflict is a debate for another time.  The point is … Obama has once again shown himself to be “weak” on foreign policy — making tough promises he fails to keep.  The proof arises again and again —
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An Honest Question: “What Happened?”

by Jason Lightner August 23rd, 2013 Independent Ideas
manning pdPfc. Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for his role in the leaking of over 700,000 classified documents to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, revealing atrocities committed by the United States military, such as the infamous Collateral Murder video, which shows a U.S. military helicopter firing upon over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad — including two Reuters news staff — killing each one.

In 2007 Scooter Libby was to serve 2.5 years for his role in leaking the name of a CIA operative. His sentence was commuted by then-President
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Pot as a Proxy

by Ronald A. Rowe August 22nd, 2013 Winners & Losers
hydroponic mjThe Fifty, Nifty United States - Winner - The battle over the legalization of marijuana has taken a strange turn. The issue is no longer (and maybe never was) all about a bunch of pot heads wanting to get their high. This is an issue of state rights versus federal power. States have been rolling over for the federal government for more than a century, slowly and willing ceding the powers granted to them by the Constitution over to a centralized government. Now, the unlikely issue of legal pot is stirring the states into action as
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State vs. Federal Government on Pot Laws

by T Akery August 20th, 2013 Republican Reflections
dimebagThis is boiling down to an interesting example of the Tenth Amendment. In a very rare move, states are trying to reverse federal policy by actually legalizing pot. Washington and a few other states have already taken such steps to legalize it. It is interesting not because it is about pot itself but about the power struggle between the federal and the state governments.

In the normal course of events, the states make the laws based on the laws of the federal government. Now, states have the right to tweak these laws based upon their unique makeup. Every state is
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Let’s Talk About “Phony Scandals”….

by Eric M. Blake August 19th, 2013 Conservative Considerations
rodeoLet's begin with a little word on Obama’s laughable terrorism double-speak.  For most of last year, Ol’ Barry swore up and down that because of his foreign policy, Osama Bin Laden Is Dead And Al Qaeda's Decimated/On-The-Run.  Now, he seems to have backed off from the second, going “Let Me Be Clear: I, uh, didn’t say Al Qaeda was decimated — uh … I said its leadership was!  And, uh … I - I never said they're on the run!”

Needless to say, the recent embassy situation should really result in all the folks voting for Obama thinking he wasn’t a
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In Favor of Sweeping Change

by Jason Lightner August 16th, 2013 Independent Ideas
monument n peopleWith the approval ratings of both Congress and President Barack Obama slumping with regards to the economy, foreign policy, and other issues, it's interesting to note just how little it matters that we disapprove so much.

If there is one thing the Obama presidency has clearly demonstrated, it's that there is no effective difference between voting for the political candidate with the R in front of their name, or the political candidate with the D in front of theirs. It is painfully obvious that the only difference between the Barack Obama presidency and a Mitt Romney presidency would
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Entertainment Industry-Filled Winners & Losers

by Ronald A. Rowe August 15th, 2013 Winners & Losers
hollywoodFor whatever reason, members of the Entertainment Industry feature prominently on both sides of the Winners and Losers list this week.  Read on to find out who is up and who is down right now.

Hollywood – Loser – Two of Hollywood’s best and brightest, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, came forward last week with dire predictions of the film industry’s imminent demise. Camp Campaign’s own Renaissance man, Eric Blake, bridged the worlds of politics and entertainment to give us a good look at the reasons why Hollywood blockbusters just aren’t what they used to be.

Paula Deen
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Obama All Talk on Russian Gay Rights

by Jessica B. August 13th, 2013 Democratic Deliberations
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPresident Obama put in an appearance on the Jay Leno show this week and gave a very nice statement about how he has "no patience" for countries that "intimidate and harm individuals based on their sexual practice." With the 2014 Olympics scheduled to take place in Russia, a much wanted "criminal" seeking Russian amnesty, and the high profile case of the imprisonment of the band Pussy Riot for speaking out and "offending the church", this was a powerful step by President Obama, but it is too little too late.

In fact, Russia has a long history of discriminating against gays,
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