Shuffling the Deck

by James Maynard February 7th, 2013 | Winners & Losers
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obama skeet whPeople were coming and going in Federal government this last week, so let’s take a look at who went up and who went down:

Senator Bob Menendez – Loser – Ouch. Every few years, there is some scandalous sex story related to a person high in government. The newest such story broke last week, when Democratic Senator Bob Menendez was accused by a former prostitute of having relations with her. Furthermore, she also stated that the Senator from New Jersey “likes the youngest and newest girls,” as reported in the Daily Caller. Regardless of whether or not the allegations are true, any story like this will detract from his political work and standing as he fights the story.

Hillary Clinton – Winner – In her last one-on-one interview before leaving the State Department, Hillary came out strongly against criticisms of her handling of the crisis in Benghazi. After being grilled heavily over the last week or two by lawmakers including Senator Rand Paul, the former first lady stated that her critics do not live in an “evidence-based world.” She also made it clear that the problems in Libya would not affect any plans that she may have to run for the presidency in 2016. Clinton, who had been suffering health problems, looked better at the podium than she has in weeks.

Scott Brown – Loser – The former one-term Senator from Massachusetts announced this week that he will not run for the vacant senate seat left by incoming Secretary of State John Kerry. The former lawmaker stated that he did not believe that a third Senate campaign in four years would be the best way to continue in public service. Brown may have been the best chance the Republicans had for taking back Kerry’s seat in the upcoming special election on June 25th, and for now, this is a step backward for Brown politically as well.

Mo Cowan – Winner – The former Chief-of-Staff for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has been named the interim Senator to replace Kerry until the June election. The position is certainly a big step up for Cowan.

President Obama – Winner – On Saturday morning, the White House released an official photo of Barack Obama shooting clay targets with a shotgun at Camp David (see above). The week previously, the President stated that he shot skeet at the retreat, and now they have made good with photographic evidence. With so much emotion coming from both sides of this debate, Obama is playing his cards well by moving to the center. He is not eligible for re-election, but he needs to keep his numbers up to help support the eventual Democratic nominee in 2016.

Also, although just on the periphery of politics, he was likely an observer to some of the most secret of all discussions during the George W. Bush years and never spoke a word. Last week, Barney, the former president’s dog, went to the big oval office in the sky.

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