Sex, Lies, and Videotape

by Eric M. Blake April 23rd, 2012 | Conservative Considerations, Political Facts
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(Note: Don’t worry, folks—that’s a movie title.)

This past week has seen a fair share of scandals that demonstrate what happens when government gets too big.  In addition, we’ve got some more news on the Zimmerman-Martin Incident.  So ….

First—the sex: So a group of Secret Service agents are now in hot water, after the shocking revelation that, while preparing for a presidential visit to Colombia … said group got involved in prostitution.  Apparently, the curtain was lifted — get this — when one of the agents refused to give his girl the payment she demanded.

Let’s recap: First, they let in those two party crashers.  Then, they fail to completely check out and clear a route from our embassy in Ireland, resulting in The Beast (the President’s Cadillac) actually getting stuck on a ramp.  And now … this?

Look, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction — but Glenn Beck understandably smells a  rat: the Secret Service is renowned for its discipline.  They are the best of the best.  Never — and I mean never — before  have they demonstrated anything even close to the incompetence they seem to be suffering over and over in this Administration.  So … what  changed?

Glenn suspects sabotage — either by the “pig”-hating Leftists in the Administration, or by the Russians.  (Anna Chapman was just the beginning.)  Make of it what you will, but I agree, at least, that something’s not right….

Second—the lies: No, not from me … from the media.  Only now — after all the threats of riots, the bounties and threats from the New Black Panthers, and the swearing up-and-down that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was racial … only now, after George Zimmerman turns himself in to stand trial, are photos released that show him with a bloody scalp — presumably inflicted on him by his “victim”.  Oh, and Trayvon was apparently expelled from school…and was already suspected of taking part in robberies.  (Wait … didn’t Zimmerman note in the 9-1-1 call that … he was on watch that night because of some break-ins … ?)

Of course … that doesn’t fit the narrative, does it, NBC?  And so … the narrative continues, despite Bill Cosby crying foul on the nonsense.  (Of course, Bill — bless his heart — followed that with a call for gun control.  Ah, well ….)

But dishonesty extends beyond this scandal.  This week also saw Ted Nugent being called to the woodshed for using — shock! — combat metaphors … for the November election.  Meanwhile … we see Louis Farrakhan once again getting away with “predicting” violence on the streets — and assassinations of leaders who “sell out”.  (By the way … Calypso Louis’s also ranted about Barack Obama having been “corrupted” from a “beautiful human being with a sweet heart” to “A MURDERER SITTING IN THE WHITE HOUSE—WHO WILL SAY IT?!?”)

Remember — this guy’s got the ear of millions in this country.  He is, to be blunt, a dangerous man.  But of course, the media doesn’t dare “smear” such a great, noble, honorable civil rights leader.  Nugent’s the baddie—Farrakhan’s good!

One last thing in the “lies” section—we’ve heard over and over and over that voter-ID laws are racist!  They say — I kid you not — that such laws are on par with Jim Crow!

As if that wasn’t absurd enough—we have Attorney General Eric Holder swearing with a straight face that there’s no real problem with voter fraud.  Needless to say … James O’Keefe proved him wrong in the most … interesting way possible.


Finally — the videotape: You’ve probably heard of this by now — the GSA takes a romp in Vegas, baby … for a “conference”, or something.  The clown … the music videos … the wine glasses and the bathtub — and don’t get me started about Gumby.  The guys responsible went before Congress — and pleaded the Fifth, again … and again … and again.

Remember — this is the GSA we’re talking about.  They’re  responsible for making sure that the federal government doesn’t waste money on stupid things.  And yet, somehow, they’re so shameless about living high on the hog — off the taxpayer’s dime — that they’re making videos about it!

Needless to say … here we have yet another example of what happens when big government runs amuck.  All Mitt Romney needs to do here is play up for all its worth his experience at cutting costs and streamlining budgets.  We’ll be good to go.

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    I would like to go back to the mess that Oboma sayes he inharited. we would be in very good shape campaired to now.

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