Sequester Special

by James Maynard March 7th, 2013 | Winners & Losers
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percent etcSequester Day has come and gone. In the last week, the Federal government has gone from facing the possibility of a sequester to forced budget-trimming actually taking effect. It is still too early to tell who will be winning and losing from the actualization of the cutbacks, but there are a few people who have already begun to show themselves as leading faces in the discussions, including…

Barack Obama – Winner – The President is, naturally, right in the thick of talk surrounding the budget cutbacks. He has been actively opposed to the budget cutbacks since they first came to the forefront of the news a couple weeks ago. The President has also strengthened his appeal to those people to the left on social issues, by issuing a legal brief to the Supreme Court, in favor of marriage between same-sex couples. He appears to be doing an admirable job at standing his ground politically this week. The President is also doing a fine job of communicating his beliefs, which is to be expected given his ability to easily speak to the masses. He rarely makes real blunders like the faux pas committed by…

Maxine Waters – Loser – The Democratic Congresswoman from California gave a speech last week in which she claimed that the realization of the sequester would cause up to 170 million jobs in the country to be lost. This was likely just a slip-up, but it is going to be hard for her to live down that estimate, since there is only a total of 134 million jobs in the country today.

John Kerry – Loser – The newly-minted Secretary of State chose a poor time to proudly announce $250 million in foreign aid for the fledgling government of Egypt. On the same week that the White House released information regarding a number of possible shutdowns and closings due to the sequester, Kerry made his announcement of a quarter-billion dollars heading from the United States to the government of Mohammed Morsi. This is unlikely to play well with the public, given National Park shutdowns and other closings, including the grounding of the Blue Angels aerobatic team, which received $37 million a year annually as a military recruiting tool.

Dennis Rodman – Loser – The oddly-mannered former basketball star traveled to North Korea this week. When he came back, Rodman called that country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, “a great guy.” Keep your hands off the pill, Dennis.

Even with the sequester, the chances of a government shutdown are slim. It will be hard for people to reach any middle ground on future deals, with blood running so hot right now. Before and after the budget-trimming measures went into effect, the politicos involved largely seemed to be more interested in grandstanding than in real solutions, each trying to use the sequester as a tool make him or herself appear strong politically. As the week continues, and cutbacks take place, that bravado should make for great Sunday morning political television.

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