Politicians are Losers

by James Maynard May 2nd, 2013 | Winners & Losers
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obama n friends whThis was the second week in a row when it was not good to be a politician, as nearly everyone was down, or headed there quickly.

Hillary Clinton – Loser – A U.S. House panel has recently released a report detailing the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi. Within its pages are requests for security details from the U.S. Ambassador to the north African nation, Gene Cretz, which were rebuked personally by Ms. Clinton. If these turn out to be authentic, it would undermine her congressional testimony given after the attack. Democrats in the House, including Elijah Cummings of Maryland, are calling the report misguided.

Nancy Pelosi – Loser – If the name of the game in politics is name recognition, then new polling shows that Pelosi stands well right now in the public mind – she is the best-known member of the U.S. House of Representatives at 79% recognition. However, the same polls show that she is also the least-liked member of the legislative body. According to the new Gallup poll, just 31% of respondents view the House Democratic Leader in a favorable light, while 48% view her unfavorably.

John Boehner – Loser – The Republican House leader did not fare much better than Pelosi, also pulling in an identical 31% favorability rating. However, the Republican from Ohio garners just a 41% unfavorable rating, seven points below the Democratic Congresswoman.

Mitch McConnell – Loser – Also below the 30% favorability mark is Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, losing 26-34% in the eyes of the public.

Harry Reid – Loser – These numbers also show that just 27% of Americans view the Senate majority leader in a favorable light, while 38% view him in a negative manner.

Rand Paul – Loser – The Kentucky Senator was beginning to win back his father’s large legions of die-hard libertarian fans with his historic talking filibuster against the use of drones on U.S. soil. Last week, he alienated many of them again with a statement loosely in favor of the use of . . . domestic drones. While speaking on Fox Business Network, Paul stated that he would be in favor of using drones to track down or kill criminals, even in the course of a liquor store robbery. The younger Paul may be more politically astute than his father, but he is not nearly as consistent. And that could cost him with freedom-loving youth.

One almost has to wonder how the Legislature, which is notorious for low popularity ratings, keeps up a re-election rate well over 90 percent. Each Congressional election is like watching a season of a baseball team, where all the players do miserably, but the team still somehow wins the world series.

At least the House of Representatives finally passed a bill to give the FAA discretion in how to spread out this year’s financial cuts. That should relieve some of the thousands of air traffic delays that have been seen lately. Airline passengers may be the only ones to win from this week’s political action.

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