On PC and Paula Deen

by Eric M. Blake June 24th, 2013 | Conservative Considerations
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paula deen usaThere are precious few things that I and a certain “independent” on this site agree on.  The absurdity of “gun control” is one.  Another’s that so many of the problems in our government go on because of the general apathy of the American public.

(Needless to say, laying it at the feet of Conservatives and Christians, dismissing them as racist/zealously-nutty/bigoted, is NOT an agreeable position, in the slightest — and to be blunt, at times it comes across as pretty “bigoted”, itself.  So many self-proclaimed “independent voices”  come across as little more than stubbornly self-righteous in their own pliability and nihilism.  One minute, “Ron Paul Revolution!” — the next, “Utopia means extensive government services, though Ron Paul would vehemently disagree!”  One minute, “Millennials have an uncanny ability to smell BS!” — the next, “The new generation of voters is more apathetic than ever, and that’s why politicians are so comfortable with duping us!”  So… are Millennials immune to duping, or are they the reason we’re being duped?  But I digress …)

An issue that everyone probably should agree on, however, is: Political Correctness is a destructive force in our society.  PC’s what’s led to sheep’s-clothing mafias like CAIR, PETA, and GLAAD imposing their will on our government and our culture with iron fists.  In CAIR’s case in particular, the results can be tragically deadly— as the terrible instances of honor killings within our borders indicate.  (CAIR labels the investigations of such as “Islamophobic”, and to this day the FBI is very reluctant to take those kinds of cases.  And considering how Director Robert Muller is not afraid of the organized crime we all know and love … that’s saying a lot.)

PC’s what caused so many of us to be afraid of what to say — it’s what strips so many of their self-confidence and bold initiative.  It’s what makes so many so timid — “Could what I’d otherwise say be in any way construed as racist, or sexist, or bigoted, or homophobic, or Islamophobic, or anything-but-Christianophobic?”  (For some reason, Christians — and Conservatives, and Tea-Partiers — are considered fair game.  Poking fun at Jesus is fine — poking fun at Mohammed is grounds for appeasing rioters.  Go figure.)

As it stands, you never know whether what you’ve said could get you fired.  No … scratch that: you never know whether what you’ve said that’s non-Left-leaning could get you fired.  Yes … as a rule, if you look at the effects of PC on our culture, it almost invariably leaves off the hook terribly disgusting things spewed in favor of the Left (SEE: Bill Maher and Al “The Joker” Franken).  Those people are defended as “honest voices”.  But heaven forbid we have a Conservative who says what they mean, and means what they say — their words are twisted and blown out of proportion.  Not that those who aren’t Right have an out, necessarily.

Juan Williams isn’t a Conservative, certainly — though he is an honest man in the Bill Cosby mold (well, the Bill Cosby of the old days, anyway).  He used to be a good trustworthy voice on NPR — until he admitted on Fox News (where he works as an analyst) that he maybe stiffens a little when he sees people coming onto a plane in traditional Muslim garb.  NPR fired him … even though they kept Nina Totenberg after she wished AIDS upon a certain member of Congress who opposed “same-sex marriage” … and maybe his grandkids, too.  (The panel she was on laughed, in case you’re wondering.)

By the way … Cosby destroyed his career by daring to tell the men in the black community to step up and be good fathers.  Nowadays, he’s reduced to telling the men in the black community to act like members of the Nation of Islam.

Look at Paula Deen.  She’s just been fired from the Food Network, presumably for having used The N-Word in the past.  (Apparently, there are other things —  but THIS is the “big” one!)  In … the … past.  She’s apologized on YouTube — twice … but to no avail.

Look, I admit I don’t know the whole story aside from what’s been on the news — honestly, who does but Paula Deen?  As of now, it looks as though she’s being harassed for a dark past — which, again, she’s tearfully repented over.  But then, as a white Southerner whose recipes famously defy the Michelle Obama “eat-the-way-we-say-or-else” crowd … she’s fair game.

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  1. Ron says:

    I think the PC Police would be hard pressed to find a 60-something southerner who has not EVER used the N-Word even once. It is unreasonable to impose 21st Century standards on mid-20th Century behavior.

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