On Booker, Bill, and Bain

by Eric M. Blake June 4th, 2012 | Conservative Considerations, Presidential Election, Republican Reflections
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You may remember a past article of mine, “On Chickens, Hawks, and Vultures”.  Then, I called out Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry for trashing Mitt Romney, on the grounds that he was a “vulture capitalist”.  Newt even went so far as to give a melodramatic “documentary” whining about four companies that went under with Mitt’s Bain Capital at the helm.  As I pointed out, Danny DeVito would call that “a prayer for the dead”.

Of course … it would only be inevitable, with Mitt now the clear nominee, that Barack Obama would take that pathetic smear job and run with it — giving a documentary of his own, complete with sob stories of “innocent workers” who compare Mitt Romney to a vampire, sucking the blood out of a poor, helpless steel company.

Of course, as the brilliant columnist Kimberly Strassel noted in the Wall Street Journal, here, Obama’s prayer for the dead is just one big falsehood after another.  Here’s the truth: the company in question, GST, was on its last legs due to issues of global trade back in 1993 — when Bain first bought the company.  Mitt’s boys fixed it up, modernizing the plant — and it gained new life, surviving for eight more years.

So …what happened?  An Asian financial crisis in the late 1990’s affected global markets and caused a skyrocketing of price.  Meanwhile GST’s union refused to take part in any sacrificing — and even went on strike.  Eventually, everything became too hot to handle — the company fell apart, with Bain left to pick up the pieces, and sign the death certificate.

Not the story you’ve heard?  Of course not — the truth doesn’t matter to the Left.  It’s so bad that even some star Democrats are calling the Obama campaign out on the nonsense.  Harold Ford, Jr. — Steven Rattner, a former Obama economic advisor (hmm …wonder why he left) — and even Bill Clinton, who recently made it a point to praise Mitt Romney’s business record!

Of course … quite a few pundits smell ulterior motives, as far as Slick Willy’s concerned.  After al l… Bill’s been a little ticked off at Obama, ever since the latter’s campaign “played the race card on me!”  (And, of course, he must be ticked off that he’s no longer referred to as “the first black president”….)  Add to that the fact that everyone in the Democrat establishment had expected the 2008 nominee to be Hillary — only to have Obama sweep up the primaries, via a pathetic lapdog media — and you have a seething bulldog out for revenge upon the man who stole a second chance at power from him.

Anyhow… I sincerely doubt we can give such an “excuse” for the other big star who called out Obama on Bain: Corey Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey.  Booker’s a rising star, at that—a guy who’s respected on both sides, good buddies with His Awesomeness, Chris Christie… all in all, a guy who knows how to work with people.  The President could learn a few things from him.

Apparently… one of them is: Stop trashing private equity!  Booker gave that message on Meet The Press a week ago — calling the antics of the campaign “nauseating”.  Needless to say, the Obama campaign, personified by David Axelrod, was not amused.  They immediately struggled to come out on top, saying, “Oh, I like Booker — but he’s just wrong!”

Now… for some reason, Booker posted a video in which he…well, kind of, sort of backtracked, saying that Romney’s time at Bain should be looked at.  Not quite a “mea culpa”— but … one gets the feeling that he was forced to do that, for fear of being branded a sellout.  One sympathizes — the Left isn’t exactly well known for tolerating differences of opinion.  Much as they love to smugly point at “divisions” in the GOP — the truth is, the Right allows for differences of opinion.  We don’t rule things through fear — we discuss, debate — and at times, duke it out — but people on our side are allowed to disagree.

If Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, and now Corey Booker are any indication … the same can’t be said for the Left.  “The GOP is being taken over by extremists!”  Ah … news flash: the Democrats have already been taken over by the Far Left.  And unlike the Tea Party… freedom isn’t the main objective.  Power is.

It looks like Mayor Booker has just learned this the hard way.

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