My Predictions for an Obama Second Term

by Jessica B. November 8th, 2012 | Presidential Election
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When I awoke to the announcement that Obama had cleared the 270 electoral college vote line, I admit I breathed a sigh of relief. While experts had been predicting this for awhile, I remember how shocked I was by Kerry’s loss in 2004 and I was prepared for the worst. When I went to bed, Romney retained the popular vote and many of the swing states were still looking uncertain. But when I awoke, the news was clear:  FOUR  MORE YEARS!


So what do I think four more years might mean for an Obama presidency?

1) There will be no socialist sharia junta – While I am still unsure how exactly this would ever happen since they seem to be complete opposites, I think Obama has done a pretty good job during his first four years showing he is a terrible socialist, a worthless Muslim and well, with two elections under his belt, he is also a pretty crappy dictator. So unless he really has been wearing a mask of deceit since he graduated Harvard Law School decades ago and wrote his first book as part of an evil plot to overthrow the American government during a second term as president, I can say with certainty this outcome is just not going to happen. This doesn’t take into account people that insist on calling Obama a socialist without actually understanding what that word means. Seriously. Go take a poli-sci class.

2) Obamacare will need tweaking but is here to stay – The number of people who have been denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions crosses many party lines. When the bill actually goes into effect and people see some of the positives of the bill, they will be a lot less likely to overturn it. While there will probably be tweaking down the road (and please, please, please a public option) we have started down the road to national health care and with the Supreme Court’s approval there is no turning back.

3) Small businesses will continue to function – I run a small business. I have run a small business while living abroad as well. Small businesses in the U.S. have it pretty good (Except for not being covered by national health care). If small businesses still exist in super-tax-heavy countries like Denmark and Sweden, I am pretty sure they will stick around the U.S. as well.

4) Congressmen will think twice before saying stupid crap about rape – Perhaps in the most positive outcome of the night, all but one of the candidates who made stupid comments about pregnancy after rape being a “gift from god” and the female body’s ability “to shut that thing down”lost their elections. Perhaps congressmen will realize that women who are pro-small government also wish to keep that small government out of their uteruses as well.

5) Close Guantanamo bay, raise taxes on the wealthiest 1%, bring our troops home, increase spending in national programs, appoint  more liberal judges to the Supreme Court – well these were all of the hopes and dreams many of us had when Obama was elected the first time. And they are on the to-do list (aside from a few judges). While I am not naïve enough to think Obama will fix it all. I’m hoping we can cross one or two of them off the list.

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