Lew’s a Winner

by James Maynard January 24th, 2013 | Winners & Losers
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gun signThis was another political week on the gun control roller coaster, while a little-known official slips into a post near the center of power.

Jack LewWinner – This was Lew’s first week since being nominated for the post of Treasury Secretary, replacing Timothy Geithner. Currently the White House Chief of Staff, the native of New York City has also been the director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Denis McDonoughWinner – The Deputy National Security Adviser is now the front-runner for the position of White House Chief of Staff. Although the nomination has not yet been made, just being on the short list has significantly raised his political status.

The position of Chief of Staff may seem to be insignificant, but it holds significant influence. Not only can the Chief of Staff control the president’s schedule, but he or she can also decide who gets to meet with the president and who is delegated to speak to a subordinate. McDonough could play the role of “gatekeeper” for the Oval Office in Obama’s second term – not a light position at all.

NRA – Losers – Their new ad, whether or not it has logical merit, has taken a lot of flack in the media lately, costing the lobbying group credibility. The ad questions the President’s doubts about armed guards in school, while the Secret Service provides protection for his daughters.

President ObamaLoser – The President issued 23 executive orders related to efforts directed toward curbing gun violence. Some of these, such as giving law enforcement agencies the power to run a full background check on a person before returning a seized gun, may be deemed dangerous under the wrong circumstances. Others are far less potentially onerous. However, the actions opened the President up to criticism of bypassing Congress on an issue that would both be unlikely to pass in the Legislature, as well as costing Democrats votes in rural areas in 2014. This opened both the President and some Democrats to heavy opposition, including from…

Rand PaulWinner – Whether or not you agree with his policy proposals, few can doubt that Senator Paul has kept himself in the news this week.

As a new member of the Senate Foreign relations Committee, the Kentucky ophthalmologist has announced he will be questioning former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the attacks in Benghazi. He also stated that he would introduce measures in the Senate to nullify Obama’s new executive orders on gun control, and came out in favor of arming teachers. Both stories hit all the major wires, scoring Paul significant coverage.

Senator Paul is a serious contender for the 2016 republican nomination for president. The moves on Clinton and setting himself up as the point-man for the Republicans in the current debate over guns is poising his base well for a presidential run in 2016.

Last week’s event may have repercussions for years to come – keep your eyes out.

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