Lessons Of The Zimmerman Trial

by Eric M. Blake July 15th, 2013 | Conservative Considerations
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scales o justiceSo the verdict arrives: Not guilty — complete acquittal.

Now …  what can we take away from this seemingly monumental incident in the history of our justice system?  Consider:

Lesson #1: There is a race problem in our country.

No — not in the way the Al Sharptons of the world would have you believe.  To see my point … take a good look at all the race-baiting hacks swearing up and down that this is “proof” that “there is no justice in America!”  That cry was supposedly a text the daughter of MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry sent to her mother.  Perry then went on to say that no neighborhood is now safe for African-American children.

Let me ask you this: how stupid do these people think we are?  The answer: it depends on whether people were paying attention to the facts of the case.

As has been pointed out — the prosecution’s case was based off of little more than base emotion, a la “An innocent young boy was gunned down in cold blood!”  Or who could forget the spectacle of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL), decked out in the weirdest cowgirl outfit ever … claiming (in a voice to match) that “Trayvon … was hunted down … like a rabid dog” and was “racially profiled“.

Of course, that turned out not to have been the case.  As the witnesses took the stand, one by one, it became increasingly clear that this “victim” was the attacker — and that Zimmerman fired in self-defense.

Of course, that’d be too boring.  No … let’s make it a story about a white (well, okay, “white Hispanic” — not that that term’s ever really been used before now …) man shooting an innocent black boy.  This is now, magically, an issue of civil rights!  It’s a test case — a test case for Al Sharpton-brand “social justice”.  Never mind the facts.  They just get in the way.

And the race card’s still being played.  Even the daughter of MLK himself is comparing the verdict to the 1963 Birmingham bombing.  The Martin family attorney’s holding up Trayvon as a symbol “for the fight for equal justice for all”.  And then, there are all the death threats ….

In reality, if anyone was “racially profiled”, it was Zimmerman.  This leads me to —

Lesson #2: The “mainstream” media is biased against those it can construe as “white”.

They have long proven so obsessed with painting Zimmerman as a racist monster that they’d do anything to smear him … even lie.  Remember that NBC was responsible for editing the tape of the 9-1-1 call so that Zimmerman would appear to have gone out of his way to claim the mysterious kid “looks black” — when in reality, the operator asked him about the young man’s race.

Race-baiters like Sharpton were giving free rein.  Outlet after outlet painted Zimmerman as a white guy shooting Martin for being black.  ABC claimed Zimmerman wasn’t injured.  When a black friend of Zimmerman (reporter John Oliver, who’d worked with CNN before) stood up for him … he was smeared and vilified, himself.  And perhaps most disgracefully (as though the “Uncle-Tom” thing wasn’t bad enough) … CNN had the audacity to publish Zimmerman’s personal information — including his address and Social Security number!

This was a disgraceful railroading of the most hideous kind.  Had Zimmerman been black, the media would’ve been accused of lynching.

Lesson #3: A “guilty” verdict would’ve signaled a blow to equal justice in America.

Exaggeration, you say?  Consider how embarrassingly the prosecution’s case turned out.  Their witnesses unveiled facts en masse that worked out in the defense’s favor — such as Martin pounding away at Zimmerman “MMA-style”.  Their “star” witness mumbled and muttered her way into a complete lack of credibility (except to Left-leaning commentators who laughably hailed her as outstandingly commendable).  Meanwhile, despite a few bumbles of their own, the defense handled themselves well — focusing on fact, not fancy.

Before close out, I must comment briefly on the curious action of the judge in this case.  For some reason, she threw out the expert analysis of the cops on the scene of Zimmerman’s injuries.  This, and other actions, gave us a lot of pause.  Still … it’s the jury who decided, in the end.  And in this case, thank heaven, justice has seemingly prevailed.

In the meantime, stay watchful.  It’s not over, yet — if Harry Reid and Attorney General Holder have their way ….

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