Independent Predictions for 2012

by Jason Lightner January 6th, 2012 | Independent Ideas, Political Opinions
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It’s now 2012, and if the Mayans have their way, we won’t be around much longer. Not one to believe in superstitions, bogey monsters, or any other imaginary friends adults may wish to conjure up, I tend to base my views firmly in facts. With that being said, and with a cheeky smirk on my face, I’ve got a few predictions of my own for this year.

1. Obama is a One-Term President

Under fire from the ACLU (and any sane human being on the planet), Obama continues to turn his back on the people of the United States after putting his signature squarely on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012. There’s plenty in the bill to be unhappy about, but a particularly dubious bit about the indefinite detention of any person without due process is the one that worries many Americans.

Of course, the Obama administration has declared that they would use discretion with regards to such a provision, and why shouldn’t we believe them? It’s not like they’ve broken any promises in the past, right? And never mind Obama’s White House… What are we going to do when sloppy Newt gets in there, begins a war with Iran and suddenly sweeps up all the brown people in the United States? We’ll turn a blind eye to it like we always do, that’s what.

Obama is going to lose this election. I can’t tell you who it will be to just yet, but there is no way he’s getting into a second term. He has turned his back on the people who got him elected, and turned his back on the American people as he has repeatedly sold them out to the corporate, banking, military-industrial, and prison-industrial interests in this country – the real owners of this dog and pony show.

2. Please Tread On Me

Americans will continue to let their rights be trampled, both by overzealous police utilizing excessive force (a.k.a. police brutality), as well as the government flexing its new muscle in the form of indefinite detention. People who do speak out will become targets of police and/or military investigation, simply for exercising their right to free speech. If SOPA and PROTECT IP pass, we will see censorship on many websites under the guise of combating piracy and/or terrorism. More bills will be introduced that serve the interests of industry and take away the freedoms of the individual. These will pass without issue.

The American people, meanwhile, will continue to do jack-squat about it and, instead, focus their attention on the next round of American Idol or the new season of Survivor. They will re-elect the treasonous members of Congress who voted for these bills and the cycle will continue, unabated. We will edge ever closer to Idiocracy and 1984.

3. Don’t Raise Me, Bro

Here’s one that’s purely speculative and based simply off of my own day-to-day observations. As a people, we are becoming increasingly more irresponsible. I’m not talking about pulling stupid stunts on New Year’s Eve that get one sent to the hospital. I’m speaking about the lack of personal accountability and sense of responsibility that permeates both my generation and the generation that has followed.

What we have now is an entire generation (or two) of perpetually connected human beings who lack the empathy necessary to give a crap about anything – including one’s children. If we thought the Zero Tolerance and No Child Left Behind years were bad, we haven’t seen anything yet. Parents don’t take an interest in their child’s development and then blame everyone except their own incompetent selves when their kid turns out to be a complete waste of sperm and eggs.

4. Christmas in July

This one will be short and sweet: I will get to enjoy another full week of wearing a t-shirt in December thanks for our good friend that doesn’t actually exist despite the massive amount of evidence – climate change.

5. My Team’s Better

While not terribly political, save for the sports-team-mentality thing, I felt I had to lay it out there. The Baltimore Ravens will indeed win the Super Bowl this year.

There you have it.

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  1. Ron says:

    “Don’t raise me, bro.” Heh heh heh. Sadly, I see us getting closer to Idocracy every day.

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