Finally, A Senate Budget

by T Akery March 26th, 2013 | Political Opinions
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senateFinally, the Senate has passed a budget. Break out the fanfare, the confetti, the horns, and the celebratory dance because the Senate actually did its job. It only took a little over four whole years to do so. Which makes you wonder what exactly what they were doing for the last four years. It certainly wasn’t taking financial responsibility. It certainly wasn’t solving the country’s problems. It certainly wasn’t creating new jobs. In fact, I am starting to wonder exactly what the Senate was doing.

Let’s sum up their legislative action these last four years. Hmm … Obamacare. Yep, that’s about it. Well, there was that one tax cut that they handed out and then took back. So, I guess that pretty much cancels itself out. Immigration reform, nope. Tax reform, nope. Medicare reform, well some money got moved from the program for Obamacare but that doesn’t count as reform. So, no to Medicare reform. Medicaid reform, nope. Expansion is optional and the financial burden will eventually shift to the states. Which means that any program expansion will turn into a program contraction once the Federal funding ends. Education reform, nope. Healthy food in schools reform, failed. Social Security reform, nope. Deficit reduction, nope. Spending cuts, nope.

So, all they did was Obamacare, which was over four years ago. Any company that does one thing in four years is headed straight toward bankruptcy court without passing Go or the government free-for-all handout. In fact, the company probably would spend itself out of existence in about a year.

Unfortunately, the budget is only the very first step in the long path of financial responsibility. There is still a very long ways to go with taking back control of the reins of this country’s finances. Just figuring out the budget isn’t going to fix the irresponsibility of unlimited spending on America’s charge card. If they don’t start taking more serious steps in regaining control, all the work they did on the budget will go completely to waste.

This will be a real test of Senator Reid’s leadership. Although with as much leadership as he has been showing, the whole budget passage will amount to a complete waste of time. The whole Senate under his leadership has developed into a conference room where people sit down to do absolutely nothing. Sure, they generate paperwork and kill lots of trees but the end result is still nothing.

The sad thing in all of this is that Senator Reid keeps blaming Republicans for his lack of leadership. Unfortunately for him, the Library of Congress says it all. The amount of legislation waiting to be put on the schedule is staggering. But he still refuses to even do his basic job. Unless he can guarantee a slam-dunk win, he won’t even play the game. It is like an NBA star stepping in at the last minute after his team has already clinched the game and making the last basket. It is pathetic. I guess he wants to pretend to be the hero of the Senate without putting in the effort to help the team win the game.

So yeah, budget passed. Now comes the hard part. It is time to take back control of the country’s finances and fix them for future generations.

(Photo: U.S. Senate Photo Studio)

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