Expectations of President Obama’s Next Four Years

by T Akery November 15th, 2012 | Presidential News
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Frankly, the expectations from President Obama this year are pretty low. Congress remains basically the same as it does now. While all this vowing to work together is nice, things really haven’t changed all that much. So, this will once again be another lame duck session in which a President doesn’t actually do anything.

The first crisis is ahead and there is very little President Obama can do. The truth is that he has shown a lack of ability to compromise with Republicans at all. So far, he has done more blaming than compromising. I don’t see that aspect changing any time soon.

Of course, if he really wants to head off the fiscal cliff looming ahead, he needs to start bringing Harry Reid to task. The same Harry Reid that has more legislation sitting on his desk than the number of display pieces in the Smithsonian Institute. Getting Harry Reid to allow a vote on any legislation unless it looks good for the Democrats is almost impossible at this point. Clearly, this is because of a lack of attention from President Obama.

All I can say is, be prepared for the financial cliff to happen due to inertia from both the President and Harry Reid.

This is not even considering the fact that he can’t get a Federal Budget passed. Let alone stop Americans from falling over the edge of the fiscal cliff.

I don’t know what the expectations were for President Obama voters. But they are likely in for more disappointment and higher taxes since he still won’t be able to do anything with Congress. President Obama set the precedent for this unworkability two years ago when he basically declared Republicans¬† his enemies. It is too bad that he failed to see that he wasn’t on the same footing as most of his Democrat partners either.

So my expectations are another four years of excuses and a lack of ability to deal with any actual problems. Problems that he failed to address like the debt, the looming tax hikes, the higher costs of healthcare directly due to Obamacare, the dwindling funds of Social programs and another round of lay-offs. He has also shown that he is against small businesses and innovation unless they’re green energy failures.

He can’t fix any of this because he doesn’t have the personality to do so. He is not another Bill Clinton who got lucky with the internet. Nope, he doesn’t have those negotiating and compromising skills. Let alone the economy to support insane ideas and unfettered regulation by the EPA.

With the economy on the edge and poised for a downward slide, it is doubtful that the momentum can be stopped. The biggest obstacle is President Obama’s ability to work with Congress. That hasn’t changed in this election cycle. So, there is very little that he actually can do but make more Presidential speeches blaming everyone but himself for the country’s problems. Never mind that he is supposed to be leading the country and not making speeches about spreading the blame around.

So with all of that, expect another four years of excuse making, perhaps a few more years of blaming Bush, and a few more years of ignoring all the big things in favor of picking out the next spot for his golf game. But I guess that is what you get when you put an ineffective leader back in office for another four years.

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