Dog-Day Deliberations

by Eric M. Blake August 26th, 2013 | Conservative Considerations
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So we got Barack Obama basically going back on his “red-line” a year ago on Syria — that under no circumstances would the U.S. tolerate the use of chemical weapons in this civil war.  Lo and behold … his administration is now “debating” whether he should make good on his word.

Look, folks: whether we should get involved in another Middle Eastern conflict is a debate for another time.  The point is … Obama has once again shown himself to be “weak” on foreign policy — making tough promises he fails to keep.  The proof arises again and again — this president has weakened our interests around the world.

“But Bin Laden’s DEAD!”  Yeah … and to be blunt, that’s something where you can appropriately Blame Bush.


You gotta admire the shamelessness of the so-called “civil rights leaders”.  They still won’t let us hear the end of how the acquittal of George Zimmerman somehow “proves” that young black men still must live in fear of being “hunted down” for “driving while black”.  It’s even gotten to the point where, for the anniversary of MLK’s “Dream” speech, the legend’s own son laughably claims  the shooting of Trayvon Martin indicates  “the color of one’s skin remains a license to profile, to arrest and to even murder with no regard for the content of one’s character.”  He then called for an end to Stand Your Ground.

You know … I’m frankly getting pretty tired of the en masse assumptions involving apples and trees.  There’s the current head of the Teamsters, who is not the Jimmy Hoffa of legend.  (By the way, my dad’s family has a quite close connection to the Hoffa of old …)  There are all the far-Left Kennedys who are nothing like JFK and Bobby.  And here, well …

Let’s be honest, folks: this man is not his father’s son.  He, like Jesse Jackson and Big Al, is a man who shamelessly trades on the Dream so as to push a different agenda — with one difference: his name.  (Really, the true “heir” to the Dream would have to be Alveda King, MLK’s niece.  But I digress.)

Meanwhile, this past week has seen quite harsh and tragic stories of black-on-white crime — and one in particular involves the head of a murderous “thrill-kill” trio declaring quite racial reasons online.  There’s also the DHS apparently overlooking one of their own running a website calling for the killing of whites.  (And when they discover it … they give him paid leave.)  But of course, these “civil-rights” advocates are either silent on this … or deny that it’s as big a deal as the Zimmerman verdict.  Of course, why let the facts of the cases get in the way?  They’d rather “dream”.


So Bradley Manning used to defend his shamelessly leaking classified info to Friend-To-Mother-Russia Julian Assange (who kept giving Putin a pass — resulting in some nice media rewards) … that he’s had a gender identity crisis.  Now that he’s been cleared of high treason (but still has to do time), he wants to go through with a gender-change … and insists people call him — um, her — “Chelsea”.  I’m sure Ms. Clinton’s flattered.  For now, I just hope this won’t be on the taxpayer’s dime — but I’m not holding my breath.  And speaking of traitors…


The Fort Hood scum has been convicted of high treason.  The question is whether he’ll get the death penalty for it — which would make him the first traitor in decades to get capital for it.  Personally, I think a quick needle’s too good for this terrorist — and I’m sure he wants to be a “martyr” in the first place.  Hey — Gitmo’s still open, right?  And he’s waged war on America … right?  The least we could do is get some info on who his influencers were.


The Birthers are at it again — and this time, they’re Left-wing.  Turns out Senator Ted Cruz was born in Canada.  Yes … and his mother was an American citizen.  The question: does that make him a Natural-Born Citizen?

Well, according to law and precedent dating way back practically to the founding of our system of government, YES.  And Ted formally renounced his Canadian citizenship.  One wonders if this means he’s got his eye set on greater office.

Last … and least:

Ben Affleck’s the new Batman.  Yeah … apparently it’s a big story.

On to the school year, friends.

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