Come To Save The Day!

by Eric M. Blake July 29th, 2013 | Conservative Considerations
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plastic heroThere’s an old Mighty Mouse cartoon I remember from a while back.  As far as I can tell, it basically lays out the formula for the entire series: villains lay out their evil plan, targeting the innocent victims.  There’s a prolonged sequence of peril, as we see the plan carried out and the victims in danger.  And then … just when all hope is lost — cut to the bottom of a really big tree (or mountain, or wherever) … pan upward … and upward … to the secret hideout where out pops —”MIGHTY MOUSE!!!  Come to save the day!!!”  The mouse flies down and beats the tar out of the bad guys (while seeming completely invincible to their attacks) — and the day’s saved.  Oh, and don’t ever ask, “So … what took you so long, anyway?”  It’s a kid’s show — thinking ruins the effect.

Personally, I’m betting Mighty Mouse is always held up by paperwork — you know: making sure insurance is all up to date, for property damages inflicted during the battle, that sort of thing.  He’s got to make sure he doesn’t get sued like Mr. Incredible was.  Yeah … the red tape of big government and frivolous lawsuits delaying heroics, yet again.

Okay — now for the serious business.  As far as we Conservatives are concerned, countless are the times when we have to sulk in frustration as the GOP bumbles and mutters about the need to do something about the schemes of the Democrats … then does precious little for a long period of our hounding and hounding them — and just when all hope is lost — finally comes through.  Sort of.  They put up a reasonably firm wall to stop the Leftist agenda for now … and a few reforms to help us weather the damage already inflicted relatively smoothly.  The exceptions to this frustratingly slow work, of course, were the respective eras of Calvin Coolidge (Harding doesn’t count, because of the corruption keeping him “occupied” to the grave), Ronald Reagan, and Newt Gingrich.  Sadly, what progress they’ve all made has long been overturned.  Hello, Un-Affordable Care Act.

So, President Obama has been effectively giving the lie to the constant claims of how wonderful the Act is — how it’ll make everything affordable for all — how If You Like Your Plan, You Will Be Able To Keep It.  Lately, he’s agreed to delays of the notorious “mandate” until after the 2014 Congressional elections.  (No!  No ulterior motives there — no fears of how badly the effects of said mandate will hurt the Democrats in said election — of course not!)

In the meantime … what’s come out of the bill already has inflicted some pretty severe damage, already.  Go to any, say, Home Depot — note how all the current full-time staff (assuming any remain, by the time you visit) live in fear of being replaced by part-timers.  Why?  Take a good look at Obamacare’s requirements for business-provided health insurance … requirements that are, to be blunt, insane in this economic climate.  Said businesses thus face a terrible choice: either slash the work force (which will do even more damage to productivity) … or replace your good, faithful, productive full-time force with a double-size part-time force.  And so … America’s workers have to hold two jobs to make ends meet.

I recall an amusing-yet-saddening political cartoon concerning a worker holding up an apron in each hand: one McDonald’s, one Starbuck’s.  He describes how he has to work for both, half a day apiece.  Next to him is Obama, arms spread out in elation, declaring something to the effect of, “See?!  Under my Administration, jobs have doubled!”

Needless to say, the Conservatives of America are not amused.  And neither is the GOP’s Tea Party wing.  Thus, Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio (not so “treacherous” after all, eh?), and a handful of others, are coming together with one agenda: Either defund Obamacare before the next budget is due … or forget about any more “continuing resolutions”.

The usual suspects are screaming “They want to shut down the government!”  Meanwhile, other Republicans are … concerned, let’s say, about whether this excessively risks the GOP’s chances in 2014.

News flash: the reason you guys blew your chances in 2012 was that people saw you as a “do-nothing Congress”.  You’d do well not to prove them right again ….

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