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by Jason Lightner June 21st, 2013 | Independent Ideas
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no end in sightWith the problems our country faces in the way of overreaching government surveillance, increasing costs of living, diminishing wages, and politicians who proudly disregard their constituents, I’ve begun to ask myself — “What is there to do about it?”

The answer, I’m afraid, is the same as it’s always been: Protest, write letters, and vote. Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for the fat-cat politicians, the new generation of voters is more apathetic than ever, while the general consensus is that the traditional methods of civil discourse and the airing of grievances is wholly ineffective. Some may argue against that conclusion, but the argument seems to always come back around to the fact that this is how it’s always been done. Indeed, and look where it’s gotten us.

Voting gives us the illusion that we have a choice. Newsflash: We don’t. There is no choice. We have masters who own us. They control the flow of money, and they control the natural resources. They own all of the important land, and they own all of the major news organizations. They tell you what to think and how to feel about the stories they cherry pick for you to see. They tell you that the only way to fight terrorism is to give up the freedoms that the terrorists supposedly hated us for having in the first place. They then put on a show every few years wherein we get to, as a nation, decide which of our masters we want to rule over us as our American idol. On the one hand we’ve got a group of racists and zealots nuts who really only care about 3 things — Jesus, guns, and money. They’re willing to use religion to keep people from asking why their actions don’t line up with their stated goals. It also just so happens to make these bastards filthy stinking rich in the process. On the other hand are a group of folks that are so scared to wind up like John F. Kennedy that they’re completely at the mercy of the corporations and the secret organizations like the CIA and NSA. They’ll gladly continue to perpetuate war and cause countless unnecessary deaths abroad if they can save face at home with their social programs.

So write a letter, right? Two words: Paper shredder.

Protesting seems like the last viable option. There’s just one problem — no one takes protests in this country seriously, and very few in this country know how to protest in a meaningful way. You don’t just show up to a meetup with an acoustic guitar and a Guy Fawkes mask, hoping that someone’s going to suddenly change their minds and start giving a crap about their fellow man. You need a clear and articulate message, and you need organization. You need to look like you mean business and, even if you are a vagrant, you need to look like someone who can hold down a job. If you look like a bum and you don’t articulate a clear message, you drag down the entire cause. This is why the media picks the goofiest-looking derelict to interview for the evening news. They are owned by the corporate interests and it is their job to discredit anything that will upset the balance of power.

This is also why the media is attacking Eric Snowden’s character, and not the implications of the actual leak.

The thing to keep in mind, however, is that getting a couple thousand people out into an approved protesting location doesn’t mean squat. Thousands of people isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Millions of people. How do you get millions of people? You don’t. At least, not yet you don’t.

Everyone’s too busy with their jobs and their bills to worry about raising a stink in Washington. Who can honestly take a week off to go marching around the Capitol without losing their job or without missing a paycheck? Who can afford to miss a paycheck? If you’re in the lower or middle class in this country, the answer is probably not you. Until that little detail changes, or until people’s quality of life really starts to suffer, we’re in for a lot more of the same.

Get comfortable. We’re going to be here for a while.

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