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Why The Left Loves Ron Paul

by Eric M. Blake August 29th, 2011 Conservative Considerations, Political Opinions, Presidential Election, Republican Reflections
You’ve seen it a lot: a conspiracy theory along the lines of, “Ron Paul’s more popular than the media lets on.  His real influence is suppressed by the establishment.  They’re afraid of him, because he is a threat.”

Interestingly, this theory is now touted not only by the congressman’s supporters—but by those whom you’d think would be his greatest enemies: the Left.

Jon Stewart—no far-right libertarian—has made a big deal about the media “ignoring” the Republican hopeful.  The left-leaning commentator of our own website, of course, has spent the past two weeks on the same point.  Such has even extended into
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Ron Paul Media Blackout More Prevalent Than Ever

by Jason Lightner August 26th, 2011 Independent Ideas, Political Facts, Political Opinions, Presidential Election
Red hot off a stunning victory in the New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll, in which he had what could only possibly be described as a very happy birthday, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) should be all the buzz in the media. Oddly enough, he isn't. You might think that, after taking first place in the New Hampshire poll and scoring a close (by a margin of less than one percent) second place in Iowa, Ron Paul would finally have the media's attention, but he doesn't. It isn't for lack of effort on Paul's part, however, as
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Roll Up…Roll Up For The Misery Tour!

by Eric M. Blake August 22nd, 2011 Conservative Considerations, Political Opinions, Presidential Election, Republican Reflections
“The Magical Misery Tour”: That’s Mitt Romney’s name for Barack Obama’s countrywide bus trip to convince us that he feels our pain.  Romney’s even started something of a clothing line to that effect.

Frankly, Mitt once again proves that, like any good businessman, he knows a great opportunity when he sees it.

The president’s tour bus is all-too-appropriate: bulky, ominous—and dark.  Such perfectly describes the past three years: we’ve seen precious little under Obama but promises of magic, and a reality of misery.  Let’s tour:

The stimulus package was passed with the promise that it’d promote “shovel-ready” jobs—infrastructure projects, etc.  This summer,
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Ron Paul Gaining Steam from Iowa Straw Poll

by Jason Lightner August 19th, 2011 Independent Ideas, Political Polls, Presidential Election
So Michele Bachmann has won the Iowa straw poll with a grand 28 percent of the vote against eight other contenders. This isn't quite shocking when you factor in that Bachmann is from Iowa, which definitely had an effect on her local support. The reason I make this point is because the real winner of the straw poll came in a close second place. Congressman Ron Paul has been the GOP's secret weapon that they didn't know they needed for a long time (and probably didn't want). He took second place with 27 percent, just 152
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Alliterative Winners and Losers

by Ronald A. Rowe August 17th, 2011 Political Humor, Presidential Election, Winners & Losers
Alliteration. Sometimes it just happens. Go with it.

The Winners Who Wowed us and the Losers who Left us Lacking this week:

Mitt’s Mighty Message
Mitt Romney was the front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination for a while in 2008, but eventually his Washington-outsider credentials failed him. Romney’s 2012 campaign has been low-key until now, quietly getting the job done. But he stepped back into the spotlight in Thursday’s Republican Presidential Debate. Romney gave the performance of the night and came across as presidential (as opposed to,
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Debate Spotlight: August 11, 2011

by Eric M. Blake August 15th, 2011 Conservative Considerations, Political Opinions, Presidential Election, Republican Reflections
My colleague Ronald Rowe has a knack for identifying, with sharp rapier wit, each week’s winners and losers in the political world.  This article will be more limited in scope—we’ll look at the winners and losers of the GOP debate, on FOX News.  So without further ado...

Mitt Romney: Mitt finally showed some fire in this debate—especially with the clever “dog-food” crack.  He emphasized his business background, and gave superior answers overall.  He defended Romney-care, while firmly attacking Obama-care.  He gave perspectives on social issues one doesn’t normally hear, articulating them well.  He’s a winner.

Michele Bachmann: Michele’s held 2nd place
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Bye Bye Birthers

by Ronald A. Rowe May 6th, 2011 Political Opinions, Presidential Election, Presidential News
Last week I suggested that President Obama could end the whole Birther controversy easily. This week he did exactly as I recommended. When the White House posted Obama’s long-form birth certificate online, it pretty much put to bed any rational or constructive discussion on the issue. Of course, there will be conspiracy theorists who refuse to accept it.

Just as many staunch supporters of the president refused to acknowledge the question of his citizenship as legitimate when it was, his harshest critics will not believe that it isn’t now.
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Birthers Revisited

by Ronald A. Rowe April 26th, 2011 Political Opinions, Presidential Election
Why does the Birther controversy continue? Two years after the election, many people – some very publicly – are still questioning whether or not Barack Obama was really born in Hawaii. If he wasn’t born in the US, it would make him ineligible to be President and his 2008 election would be the biggest fraud in history.

As for my personal position on the Birthers - I believe that the President was born in Hawaii. I think the rumors and conjecture about him being born outside the US are a lot of useless noise. But I can’t help but notice
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CPAC Straw Poll

by Ronald A. Rowe February 25th, 2011 Political Opinions, Presidential Election
It took me a while to realize that Ron Paul isn’t nuts.  It was half way through the 2008 primaries that I finally understood that Paul is OK – it’s just his most ardent supporters that are stark raving mad.  So it is that Paul won the Conservative Political Action Conference Presidential Straw Poll for the second time in a row.  All that means is that Paulites can rig a live poll just as well as they do the online polls.

If we throw out the Paul victory, that leaves Mitt Romney as the realistic frontrunner based on the CPAC
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The Political Spectrum of a Lifetime

by TK June 4th, 2009 Presidential Election, Republican Reflections
politicsI recently had a great conversation with Bill Hirsch, author of the best selling book - Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons from an Architect Bill had some clear and astute thoughts about how people move from liberal to conservative at different points in their lives.

The political conversation was so passionate that I wanted to share the text of it right here in its entirety:

I did not vote for Obama, but my kids did. I could easily imagine myself being enamored with him when I was their age. I worked for Hubert Humphrey. I couldn’t stand Nixon. I though
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The Two Party System

by Ronald A. Rowe March 17th, 2009 Congress, General Politics, Presidential Election
brokenThe Two Party System is broken. The interests of the American voter are no longer served by choosing between the Democrat who received the most support from Hollywood and the Republican who raised the most money from Wall Street. The Two Party System, coupled with the Electoral College, have derailed democracy in America and replaced it with a “lesser-of-two-evils” mentality in the minds of voters.

The irony is that local governments have developed a far healthier approach to elections than our federal government has. In a recent election for a city councilman in my town, three qualified candidates
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Election of 2008: A Choice of Roosevelts

by TK November 25th, 2008 Political Opinions, Presidential Election
Now that the memorable election of 2008 is over, it may be time to do a quick analysis.  Throughout the election, I spoke often about how McCain reminded me of a new TR (Theodore Roosevelt).  But as the election cycle wore on, I also saw that Obama had all of the feel and politics of FDR (Franklin Deleno Roosevelt).  Like FDR, Obama inherited a world that was in economic turbulence.  And like FDR, Obama thinks that government action will bring us out of the turbulence.  Lastly, Obama also has an amazing fervor from the people that believe in him. 
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