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To Israel from the US

by Ronald A. Rowe June 9th, 2009 General Politics, Political Humor, Political Opinions
picDear Israel,
Hi. It’s me, your old pal the United States. We’ve been friends for a long time. In fact, I remember the day you first became a country. I’ve seen you grow up. I was so proud the day I saw you quell your first insurgency. It’s hard for me to believe that you’re over sixty years old already.
But now, well, I’ve got a new president, and I’m doing things a little differently. I don’t know how else to say this, but I no longer have your back. We’re still friends and all, but I’m trying to also be friends
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Political Guru Kal Penn

by Ronald A. Rowe April 14th, 2009 Political Humor, Presidential News
picPresident Obama took a bold step this week. In order to shore up America’s flagging confidence in the state of the economy, protect our borders from foreign attack, and regain our standing among the world powers, the president hired actor Kal Penn as a PR liaison.

Penn, widely heralded as an expert on world affairs because he’s been on TV, took a huge pay cut from his gig on TV’s House in order to accept a position at the White House. He joins ambassadors Angelina Jolie and Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High as three of
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Political Humor From the Late Night Shows

by Editorial Team April 14th, 2008 Political Humor
Two funny lines from the late night shows from last week:

Jay Leno:

"Former presidential candidate John Edwards announced this week he will not accept the nomination for vice president, to which the cashier at Wendy's said, "Do you want a Frosty with this?"

Jimmy Kimmel:

"In case you forgot, taxes are due next week. You know, we all hate paying taxes but the truth of the matter is without our tax money, many politicians would not be able to afford prostitutes."
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