Budget Cut Exaggeration

by T Akery March 5th, 2013 | Political Opinions
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budget cutsIf you paid attention to the news at all, March 1st would have been doomsday. The day that the cuts brought the whole economy down, maybe even the entire world. Guess what, it didn’t happen. Stock market is still trading. Banks are still dealing in money. People are still using their credit cards. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed that the government cut a single dollar.

If this temper tantrum is any indication of what happens when the government cuts about 2%, then the country is in major trouble. One thing it has proved is that President Obama is more invested in spending money on Air Force One, than he is in working out any kind of compromise with anybody. I wonder if anyone has told him that he doesn’t have to campaign anymore. He isn’t going to win another four years. He is out after this term. He doesn’t need to impress anybody with his ability to make a pretty speech.

To their credit, the American people are mostly ignoring this whining despite the media fascination with it. They have already felt and dealt with their 2% tax raise. Yes, it does hurt but they aren’t appearing all over the news whining about the fact that they can’t splurge on the brand name instead of the generic. Yes, people are adapting to the fact that they have less in their paychecks.

If anything the American people are angry about the way this sequester has been so completely overblown. The predictions have been quite wild. Yet, most of the programs can absorb the costs with very little effect on the personnel. There is more than enough waste in most Government programs that they can get rid of some of it without too much trouble. Sure, it means saving on jet fuel by sending several employees across the country at one time rather than making several trips ferrying one employee at a time. Sure, it means cutting down on the executive partying.

But there is some good coming out of all of this. The media is finally starting to attempt to do their jobs. They are starting to actually check a few facts. Maybe not all of them, but enough to realize that some of what is being depicted is pure BS. The fact that they are even reporting the BS shows a little bit of progress from the marked blindness about President Obama that they seemed to have in the last six years. Even liberal media figures are starting to look at something besides the glaring glow coming from President Obama’s teleprompter.

Don’t expect things to change anytime soon though. Senator Harry Reid still hasn’t figured out how to add and subtract enough to craft a budget, let alone put one up for a vote. Still no federal budget. The likelihood of one in the near future is zero.

President Obama is still on a mission to campaign for a job that he already has. He is still blaming Republicans for the fact that he is not in Washington D.C. and actually talking to Congress face to face. Clearly, the phone isn’t working or the reception is bad. Maybe, he will start blaming the telephone carriers next for a lack of compromise. Perhaps, he will start blaming Air Force One for taking him anywhere but Washington D.C. Who knows?

One thing is clear, Congress is going to have a very hard time with its spending habit. Perhaps, they all need to go to therapy. But that would just cost the taxpayers more money. Although, Dr. Phil might volunteer to take on the job.

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