A Weiner Roast, And Other Issues

by Eric M. Blake June 3rd, 2015 | Conservative Considerations
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nyc hallSo there’s this:

Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg is thankfully — at long last — term-limited out of his ridiculously regulatory-to-the-point-of-parody stint as mayor of NYC.  And who’s coming ahead as a major contender for his seat?  Oh … none other than former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Yes — that Weiner, butt of countless jokes about his last name … due in no small part to the notorious scandal that got him ousted from the House in the first place — the clash of the titans between Mr. Weiner and the late, lamented Andrew Breitbart … which culminated in the latter beating the then-congressman to the stage to lambaste him for daring to smear the messenger and call him a liar.  The Mr. Weiner who was so self-righteous in his blasting Glenn Beck for the host’s promotion of gold investments (which have long since more than paid off for those who’ve heeded Beck’s words — as even SNL was forced to admit).  And now … the Mr. Weiner who recently admitted to not being sure that there aren’t more embarrassing self-taken pictures of himself out there.

(Side note: people are comparing this campaign to that of Mark Sanford — who recently beat Stephen Colbert’s sister in his own race.  Well — putting the sorry opposition aside, Sanford did not go on a smear-machine/cover-up campaign.  Besides, if the Democrats could demand that the nation “move on” from Clinton’s “private affairs”…)

Even New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has made it clear that he does not take kindly to the man’s throwing his hat into the ring.  Apparently Weiner is too nuts even for him.  (And considering Cuomo’s pathetic anti-gun rant which strongly implied that he knew absolutely nothing about the Second Amendment — screaming about hunting and killing deer, etc. — that’s saying a lot about Weiner….)

In all seriousness … Cuomo’s right to be concerned.  Weiner’s candidacy, assuming he wins the primary, would potentially be very humiliating for the New York Democrats who want to keep their positions of power … such as Cuomo himself, who’s running for re-election in 2014.  And so, I’m tempted to wish Weiner well in his primary fight — should help give the GOP a boost in their mission to find the next Giuliani.  Still … there’s the issue of what should happen if — heaven forbid — New York has to deal with Mayor Weiner.  Considering his established “plans” for the city (which make Nanny Bloomberg’s policies look tame), it should give anyone watching the race pause.

Needless to say, the GOP needs to get ready — and find a strong candidate (again, a la Giuliani).  In the meantime, should Weiner be the candidate to beat, the Republicans could always pull an ad jingle like so: “Oh, I’m glad I’m not an Oscar Meyer Weiner….”

Next up, there’s this:

Never count out a man like Col. Allen West.  The former Florida Congressman refuses to be tossed away like old shoes — and he’s hitting away at the Obama Administration in ways current congressmen dare not.  Namely: the “I” word.  He’s stated that absolutely, impeachment should be on the table!  With this one-two-three punch of scandals — which even now threatens to claim Attorney General Holder as a wannabe “fall guy” — and the specter of Watergate being increasingly invoked — could it happen?

Well… of course, we can’t hold our breath on that kind of thing — at least, not until after 2014.  We may have the House (which we’d need to begin the proceedings) — but remember, we also need the Senate, in order to have a shot at conviction — and therefore, removal from office.  In short, it’s best that the “I” word is left to outsiders (like the good colonel) for now.  In the meantime, the GOP and the Tea Party really need to get ready to rumble.  2014 could well be the last shot we have at striking a killing blow (“Violent rhetoric!”) against the Left — our greatest defense against President Hillary Clinton, come January 2017.

Now… I know the downsides to impeachment.  First — if we fail… the plan will backfire, a la Clinton — and we’ll be the ones with the tail between the legs.  (As Jack Sparrow would say, “Well, that’s not very much of an incentive for us to fail, then, eh?”)

Second … are we ready for two years of President Joe Biden?

Well … barring the image of his elbow slipping and hitting The Button — I’d personally say, “Worth it.”

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