A Buttery Winners and Losers

by Ronald A. Rowe June 17th, 2015 | Winners & Losers
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deen closuep usaPaula Deen – Loser – Paula Deen had a lot of goodwill with the butter-loving world. But clearly not enough to overcome the admission that she has used the infamous N-word. Imagine, a 66-year-old southerner who has at least once in her life uttered a racial slur. The hypocrisy of the firestorm surrounding Deen (pictured) seems lost on the fine folks at Wal-Mart, who severed all ties with Deen this week. “Let he who has no sin …” has now officially been replaced by “Let he who has not been irrevocably incriminated …”

Al Sharpton – Winner – Who’da thunk it? The Reverend Al Sharpton is the voice of reason in a racially charged brouhaha? But it’s the truth. Sharpton is one of the few people outside Paula Deen’s family to publicly acknowledge that using the N-word at some unspecified time in her life does not necessarily classify her as an unrepentant racist.

Big Hollywood – Loser – Big Hollywood in general, represented by Warner Brothers Pictures in particular, suffered a relative loss this week. After last week’s article in which I pointed out the Messianic overtones of Man of Steel, Warner Brothers launched a rushed campaign to promote the film to churches. The basic message of the campaign is that Man of Steel is a film that Christians will enjoy spending their hard earned money to see. Churches of all denominations and types across the Fruited Plain responded, in unison — I’m paraphrasing here — “When you make a PG movie without language that will curdle my little one’s ears off, then come talk to us”. I hope those eight words were worth the tens of millions of dollars they cost you, WB.

Democracy – Loser – State Senator Wendy Davis of Texas lowered the bar for responsible behavior by our elected leaders even farther on Tuesday when she rambled through a 13-hour filibuster to block a vote on a bill that she opposed but had no hope of winning in an open floor vote. So she did what stymied politicians have been doing for centuries — she filibustered. For 13 hours. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll continue to rail against it here. Regardless of your political stripe, the filibuster is an antiquated procedure with no place in modern politics. It is nothing more than a government-sanctioned means of subverting democracy.

Abortion Rights Supporters – Winners – See above. The beneficiary of Senator Davis’ theatrics is the vocal minority who opposed the abortion bill being considered by the Texas State Senate.

Gay Rights – Winner – The Supreme Court of the United States of America sided — mostly — with Gay Rights Activists in two separate but related decisions concerning the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s gay marriage initiative.

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