A Bit of Follow-Up

by Jason Lightner April 27th, 2012 | Independent Ideas
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Last week’s article generated a bit of a stir on the old Books of Face when I linked it, I was even graced with this lone comment:

“I’m sorry Jason, it is called control we need to teach our kids that sex is beautiful and is ment [SIC] for a husband and wife. Yes you are intitled [SIC] to your oppinion [SIC] and so am I. I will and have tought my kids to respect others in this manor [SIC] and then it is up to them. Also it is possible not to SIN in this way it is called again self control.”

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

Now, I’m not saying you’ve got your head buried in the sand, but you seem to have sand over and around your head.

Kids already know sex is beautiful – they don’t need to be taught that. Their hormones and society have taught them well enough, trust me. If you don’t think your precious offspring have been exposed to the wonders of the naked body, you’re deluding yourself. Ever since “you show me yours, I’ll show you mine” was a game we’ve been exposed to it. Ever since we found Uncle Sean’s Hustlers under his bed and flipped through to have a peek we’ve been exposed to it. Ever since we watched damn near anything that modern television has to offer we’ve been exposed to it.

The point is, sex is everywhere and there’s no avoiding it. No amount of “sex is bad” talk is going to stop kids from having it, and the best you can do is educate them. This is essentially what it boils down to – it’s what everything boils down to – education. If your kids are educated, they are less likely to make bad decisions that put them at risk. There are plenty of reasons kids shouldn’t have sex – being a “sin” should not be one of the primary focuses of the talk, however, or else you’re going to lose them. Risks of STDs, unwanted pregnancy, and complex relationship issues are all fine reasons, and can be talked about at length. Plain and simple, if you don’t feel as though you can talk to your child about these topics, then perhaps you shouldn’t have had sex in the first place.

Know what else is really going to bake your noodle? The fact that sex isn’t just for a husband and a wife. Why, it’s also for a husband and a husband, and a wife and a wife, or a boyfriend and girlfriend, or a boyfriend and a boyfriend … You get the picture?

This is just more of the same old world thinking that keeps us from making social progress. And these guys go “well, what am I supposed to say to my kids?” I don’t know, they’re your stupid kids! How is it my problem that you don’t feel comfortable enough as an adult and as a human being that you can’t have a friggin’ five minute conversation with your kids?

Putting your fingers in your ears and closing your eyes to life’s realities is something children do. Unfortunately for parents who don’t feel the need to parent, sex is something they’re also interested in.

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