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More Countries Step Up Against ISIS

by T Akery September 30th, 2014 Republican Reflections
ISIS is now posing such a big threat that other countries are beginning to launch strikes against the group. The United States has finally gotten into the game with some air strikes. Now, there is talk and evidence that Iran is becoming involved as well in the coming war. But some significant problems still remain.

There are lots of questions about what Iran expects inRepublican-Reflections return for hitting ISIS. There is another political game being played here. Iran still wants its nukes. The view is that helping take down ISIS would help to soften the United States viewpoint on their
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Poli Talk

  • I support the air strikes launched by the president, understanding that this is just one step . . . -- John Boehner

  • The overall effort will take time, but we're going to do what's necessary to take the fight to this terrorist group. -- President Obama

  • It may have been accidental. We shot it down‎. -- Israeli PM Netanyahu, on Syrian plane

  • I'm not looking for free water, I'm just looking for affordability. -- Tracy Peasant, Detroit resident

Behold the Holder Legacy

by Eric M. Blake September 29th, 2014 Conservative Considerations
Conservative-Considerations I have mixed feelings about Attorney General Holder retiring from his position in our government. After all, I — along with many an American holding sacred the principle of "justice for all"— have been calling for this man losing the power he’s so constantly and consistently misused and abused. By all accounts, our government’s well rid of him.

And yet … I can’t help feeling … empty inside. And I know full well why. He’s simply retiring — with no hard feelings — of his own free will. And so, dear readers, we are denied the satisfaction of witnessing him actually fall
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From Colorado to Syria and Beyond

by Ronald A. Rowe September 25th, 2014 Winners & Losers
Winners-Losers Remember back when George W. Bush was the President of the United States of America and Democrats were all worked up about how important it was for him to get Congressional approval to go to war and the Republicans argued that he had the authority to do what needed to be done?  No, I didn’t think so.  It seems like everyone but me has forgotten that inconvenient little bit of history as the roles are reversed this time around.  Enough about that.  Let’s get on with this week’s list
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Independent Ideas: Traffic Cameras and CNN

by Jason Lightner September 26th, 2014 Independent Ideas
Independent-Ideas This week's piece is going to go in a different direction than many of my previous articles. Instead of harping on the nonsensical goings-on with our representatives, and instead of pointing out the absurdity of our infrastructure (or lack thereof), I'll be poking some fun and having some laughs with you, dear reader. You see, while there is much to be upset about, there is still so much that simply leaves one dumbfounded, either laughing or shaking one's head.

Red light camera firm took cops out for meals, then cops recommended firm

I've never been a fan of red light cameras, or traffic
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When Did Science Become the Enemy?

by Jessica B. September 23rd, 2014 Democratic Deliberations
Democratic-Deliberations On September 21, an estimated 100,000 people marched to raise attention and fight against climate change. But there still remains a large number of people in the U.S. who do not believe that climate change is real, or that it is a threat we need to do anything about. Scarily, even some congressmen and women seem to feel science is the real enemy we are up against. Indiana Representative Larry Buchson said that scientists were only trying to keep their jobs by continuing to insist on the actuality of climate change.

So what is the problem with science?

Many deniers do
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