Congress Wins!

by Ronald A. Rowe November 19th, 2015
We mostly like to have our fun in the Winners and Losers column, trying our best to poke our elected officials as they deserve regardless of political affiliation. But we do occasionally take something seriously, in this case the unfortunate incident involving Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds and his son.
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Obamacare Scammers Strike

by T Akery November 12th, 2015
So far reports from Alaska and Tennessee indicate a growing problem with scammers for Obamacare. This is going to become an even bigger problem in the future if the Federal Government doesn't step up security measures. The whole process was ripe in the beginning for fraud and now people are taking advantage of the open doorways that are present in the current setup and implementation of Obamacare. Now that they have begun taking advantage of people, here are more
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How the 24-Hour News Cycle is Destroying America

by Jessica B. November 5th, 2015
I grew up in a two-party home: one Republican parent and one Democrat parent. Dinners at my house were filled with political debate, friendly banter and in-depth discussion about everything from the death penalty to taxes. It was only when someone mentioned the name Jesse Jackson that all chaos would break loose, and so the Rainbow Coalition was banned from the dinner table.

But these days none of us mention politics anymore. Discussions only end when someone leaves the room
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  • More Obamacare Problems

    by T Akery October 29th, 2015
    So, the initial roll out was a disaster. While this wasn't surprising to a lot of people, the actual fixes are taking dramatically longer than should be necessary for a new website that is anticipating lots of visitors. There are still many individuals who are having problems signing in, having trouble with secret questions and passwords and just can't get to the place where they really want to be
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  • An “Affordable” Aftermath

    by Eric M. Blake October 22nd, 2015
    Well, folks, it’s over … for a few months, anyway.  A "deal" was reached (which basically means, as is so often the case: Republicans more or less caved in to the stubborn, uncompromising Democrats.  Meanwhile, Obamacare survives … policy-wise, anyway — and Americans nationwide have to suffer through 10-year-old software that apparently was the best the government could provide for its "easy-to-use" Affordable Care.  And so, we have to
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  • The Dysfunctional Senate

    by T Akery October 15th, 2015
    So, the blame has been placed on Republicans for the shutdown. But there are some fundamental truths that have been ignored by this blame shifting. Sure, the Republicans aren't keen on voting for funding on a bill that basically raises everyone's taxes. Nor are they so enthused by what is clearly a failure of the fundamental job of the contractors to employ a workable system in which applying to
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