Climate Of Insanity

by Eric M. Blake October 6th, 2016
You’ve heard it a lot — even on this very site: If you don’t believe in man-caused global warming (long renamed "climate change" so environmental advocates can weasel their way out of the actual scientific data)… you’re "anti-science". You’re engaging on "a Republican War on Science"*. You don’t care
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Happy Labor Day!

by Ronald A. Rowe September 1st, 2016
I supposed I should put myself and every other working American in the WINNERS column this week because we got to take the day off on Monday.  Anytime we get to enjoy a day off – with pay – it is a good day.  But now it is back to the grindstone and I’m a day late in getting started on the WINNERS and LOSERS lists.  Fortunately, the papers, the Internet, and the hard-working contributors at Camp Campaign have
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Concerning the Impeachment Issue

by Eric M. Blake August 4th, 2016
Faithful readers of my column know full well how vehemently I emphasize President Obama’s flagrant dismissal of such ideas as "checks and balances" and "separation of powers". You also know of my disgust for the "mainstream" media constantly overlooking these simple facts. As is stands, Obama is not only power-drunk, he's spoiled — constantly acting as if Fox News is somehow out to get him, because no one else dares to hold his feet to the fire. (This, by the
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  • Poll Problems, Part II: No Confidence

    by Eric M. Blake July 7th, 2016
    Remember back in the later years of the George W. Bush Administration … back when one of the consistently chronic stories promoted by the press was how bad W had it in the polls? Remember all the emphasis on how he apparently had the lowest approval ratings of any president in history?*

    Mm-hmm. It was a big story, wasn’t it? "America agrees: Bush is THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!"

    Why do I
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  • Poll Problems, or, The Self-Loathing Leftist

    by Eric M. Blake June 30th, 2016
    The Washington Post this week published a Pew Research Center poll that might leave quite a few heads spinning. Apparently, most self-identified "solids liberals" in the U.S. aren’t consistently patriotic.

    Okay, look — this is not a big "Liberals hate America!" piece. Let’s consider the poll itself. Most of these — Gallup and so forth — break down the electorate into just "conservatives, liberals, and moderates". This one has seven
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  • A Couple of Things, Addendum Part 1

    by Jason Lightner June 23rd, 2016
    After writing last week's column, and after having some time to reflect, I came to the conclusion that I'm much more content to simply touch on a few topics here and there, rather than go off half-cocked on some long-winded tirade about how screwed up everything is. Truth be told, the whole business of politics (and that's what it is, a business) is mentally exhausting and emotionally draining,
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