Ride ‘Em In, Rawhide, Part II

by Eric M. Blake April 28th, 2016
Last week, I focused on Cliven Bundy’s heroic image — and the reasons for that image, and that of Harry Reid as an arch-villain.  The elder cowboy has a good taste for the theatrical — and, I argued, he was civilly disobeying for a just and noble cause.  That’s what
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Ride ‘Em In, Rawhide

by Eric M. Blake April 21st, 2016
As someone who deeply appreciates cinematics and theatricality, I cannot help nodding in respect for a fellow artist whenever I see the clips of Cliven Bundy riding proudly across the plains and up a hill, holding a large American flag up high.  If I were to pick a musical piece to "score" the scene, it would almost certainly be Copland’s "Hoedown" (aka the theme for the supremely awesome Sam-Elliot-narrated "BEEF… It’s What’s For Dinner" commercials).  Say what you will
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April Forecast: Continued Showers

by Eric M. Blake April 14th, 2016

It seems the Congressional GOP is finally trying to push for some movement in its investigation into the IRS scandal.  Remember Lois Lerner?  You know, the IRS woman who basically oversaw the harassment of all those Tea Party groups — who followed up a big speech during the hearings that She Did Nothing Wrong … with a declaration of pleading the Fifth.  For those of you not familiar with basic legalese … that’s exercising the right to remain silent —
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  • Gun-Free Insanity, or, Expecting Different Results

    by Eric M. Blake April 7th, 2016
    I would say that words can’t express my frustration when I hear self-righteous proponents of "gun control" spew their half-truths and false claims and self-defeating arguments … but I don’t think I could say it, considering how this article’s basically my attempting to try to express exactly that, in light of recent events.

    I’m referring, of course, to the second shooting at Ft. Hood.  Remember the first: a clear, self-proclaimed Islamist jihadist
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  • Educating Progress Versus Legislating Progress

    by Jason Lightner March 31st, 2016
    Depending on your levels of spatial awareness you may or may not have noticed the various pink "equals" symbols popping up in profile pictures on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These symbols, like many quirky viral campaigns, began in an effort to bring awareness to what many believe to be a just cause. That cause? Equal treatment under the law for all citizens of the United States, namely
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  • Fit To Print

    by Eric M. Blake March 23rd, 2016
    I must admit, these two weeks, it’s been extremely difficult, finding a subject able to fill an article of this length — as I’ve had to strain and glean through all this ever-expanding clutter about the bloody plane.  Honestly! — it’s a good thing my channel of choice is Fox.  CNN’s reduced itself to bringing on psychic mediums as expert analysts!

    While, I admit, Fox has also bitten the bug (if I have
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