What Would Hitchcock Say?

by Eric M. Blake February 4th, 2016
In his book Primetime Propaganda, Breitbart’s heir Ben Shapiro points out the Left’s tendency to focus on, among other things, violence in television and films.  They seem to have dialed back on that, lately — but regardless, such arguments result in distractions from the influences Hollywood really pushes on
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More on the NSA

by Jason Lightner January 28th, 2016
Just a few short days after Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his concern over the United States' surveillance program run by the NSA, Apple has issued an "Update on National Security and Law Enforcement Orders." The single-page PDF details the Cupertino company's dedication to customer privacy and security, and goes into greater detail than had previously been possible. Once again, the company stresses that end-to-end communication over their proprietary communication services are safe.

"We work hard to

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A Thought Experiment

by Ronald A. Rowe January 21st, 2016
This week we have a very special edition of Winners and Losers. This week is not a list of politicians, causes, and events that deserve recognition (positive or negative). Instead, this week we are performing a little thought experiment. The Winners are those readers who use this as an opportunity for some introspection and come away with fresh insight into their own thoughts and prejudices. The Losers are those readers who scoff and come up with tangential rebuttals that
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  • Picking Up The Pieces, Part VI: Getting “Hip” With It

    by Eric M. Blake January 14th, 2016
    After three weeks of necessary diversion, so as to comment on some very important (I felt) issues of the time — I think it’s best to pick up where we left off with the burning question for the Right: “Where do we go?”

    Last couple times, I focused on cinema and television.  But those two elements are just subsets of a major problem we must tackle, else we
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  • You Pick ‘Em

    by Ronald A. Rowe January 7th, 2016
    The power is in your hands. In a break from the long and noble tradition of Winners and Losers, this week we are listing the candidates without prejudice and you, the reader, get to decide whether he/she/it/they belong in the column with the Winners or the Losers.

    Rand Paul -- Rand Paul is making waves this week by leading a charge against the Obama Administration and
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  • Diversity Quacks

    by Eric M. Blake December 31st, 2015
    These days, to say you’ve never heard of A&E’s surprise smash super-hit, Duck Dynasty, is to say you’ve lived under a rock.  And for good reason: the show’s packed with proud “rednecks” you laugh with more than you laugh at — and when you laugh at them, usually regarding the proudly wacky and eccentric Uncle Si, it’s in a self-deprecating way: the family’s in on the joke, too.  In short,
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