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Independent Ideas: Mayday PAC, CongressEdits, NSA

by Jason Lightner July 25th, 2014 Independent Ideas
It hasn't been a very good week, has it? With the unfortunate airline incidents, the Russia/Ukraine situation becoming ever more ridiculous, and the Israel/Palestine conflict exploding, it's not looking good for those of us seeking good news. Fortunately, there's one bright spot in the week, so we'll start off with that.

Mayday PAC Raises Nearly $8M

Lawrence Lessig's crowd-funded Mayday PAC has managed to raise $7,710,220 inIndependent-Ideas an effort to help get corporate money out of politics.

From their about page:

We need a Congress that will fundamentally change the way elections are funded, and through that change, reduce the stranglehold of

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Poli Talk

  • We believe  — I can’t believe I have to say this in 2014 — we believe in equal pay for equal work, and we’re willing to fight for it.
    -- Elizabeth Warren

  • We know how to secure the border. If the federal government will not do its duty then I will suggest to you that the state of Texas will.
    -- Rick Perry

  • If President Putin does not change his approach to Ukraine, then Europe and the West must fundamentally change our approach to Russia.
    -- UK Prime Minister David Cameron

  • Even if police procedure doesn't kick in, when does your sense of humanity kick in?
    -- Rev. Al Sharpton, on Eric Garner

IRS Scandal Still Rages On

by T Akery July 22nd, 2014 Republican Reflections
Republican-Reflections The IRS scandal is not going away anytime soon. Now, the courts are involved in the scandal. A lawsuit has been allowed to move forward by one judge. Another judge is demanding answers in a related suit. Both of this is forcing the IRS to go under oath to address how and why the IRS destroyed such vital evidence in such an egregious case of what amounts to a political witch hunt.

The main reason why this is still a major headache and will continue to be a major headache for the President is that there is a distinct lack
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Killing the Goose That Laid the Golden (State) Egg

by Ronald A. Rowe July 24th, 2014 Winners & Losers
Winners-Losers Here we are in the dog days of summer.  While the rest of us just want to find a cool spot of shade in which to relax, the usual gang of politicians and pundits are doing what they do best.  And what they do best is make a mess.  Whether it is one of the nation’s most powerful states attempting electoral self-immolation or a massive government agency trying to get deeper into your personal life, the diverse staff of Camp Campaign has their fingers firmly on the pulse of
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Let Slip The Art Of War

by Eric M. Blake July 21st, 2014 Conservative Considerations
Conservative-Considerations Sun Tzu said, "What causes opponents to come of their own accord is the prospect of gain. What discourages opponents from coming is the prospect of harm."

Like so much of Master Sun’s work, the above quote strikes one as little more than common sense … which makes it all the more tragic that it’s basically unheeded in our current foreign policy. The way to win a conflict quickly is to scare the enemy from fighting any longer — see: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Meanwhile, leaving your position vulnerable encourages them to proceed.

Sun Tzu probably would frown deeply at President Obama’s
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