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Major Change at HHS

by T Akery April 15th, 2014 Republican Reflections
Health and Human Services underwent a major change this week. Kathleen Sebelius, once the face of Obamacare, has announced her resignation.  Sylvia Mathews Burwell is nominated to step into this position.

The announcement was made after the President claimed that, with seven million enrolled in the system, Obamacare was a success. In that speech, no credit was given to new dhhs wh the role of Kathleen Sebelius in the implementation. Whether this was an oversight or attempt to put some distance between her and himself because she was resigning is still somewhat of a mystery. However, it may be a mixed bag for Democrats
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Poli Talk

  • Now that sentence that the motivation for the report may show deep emotional feeling on the part of the Senator. But I don’t think it leads you to an objective report.
    -Michael Hayden, former CIA director, on Diane Feinstein's report on torture

  • Do you know what the gun laws are where you live? If you want to exercise your Second Amendment rights, you'd better be very careful in Kansas.
    -Jim Howell, a state representative in Kansas, backing a law that will strip local power over guns

  • Maybe you say it helps (ObamaCare), but it really helps the small businessman.
    -Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., on changes made to the Affordable Care Act by Republicans

  • In the long run, it may be the only option is a constitutional amendment.
    -Dan Pfieffer, White House senior adviser, on campaign financing

April Forecast: Continued Showers

by Eric M. Blake April 14th, 2014 Conservative Considerations
sebelius n holder hhsFirst—

It seems the Congressional GOP is finally trying to push for some movement in its investigation into the IRS scandal.  Remember Lois Lerner?  You know, the IRS woman who basically oversaw the harassment of all those Tea Party groups — who followed up a big speech during the hearings that She Did Nothing Wrong … with a declaration of pleading the Fifth.  For those of you not familiar with basic legalese … that’s exercising the right to remain silent — so as to prevent self-incrimination.

I’d hate to pull the "if-you-did-nothing-wrong-there’s-no-need-to-keep-us-from-looking" card, fascistic-sounding as it is … but lest we forget,
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The Times They Are A’Changin’

by Ronald A. Rowe April 10th, 2014 Winners & Losers
irs protest pdThe United States of America -- Winner -- USA! USA! Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit the silver screen this weekend and it delivered. Not only was it one of the best action / adventure movies to come down the pike in a long time, but the living embodiment of the American spirit was able to shine as the beacon of hope he was meant to be. Not to spoil it for you or anything, but Captain America overcomes incredible odds to save the world from the insidious villains
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Is the Senate Judiciary Committee Compromised?

by Jason Lightner April 11th, 2014 Independent Ideas
packs-163497_640By now I'd imagine most of us are aware of the proposed merger between Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable. The merger, which would see Time Warner Cable absorbed by Comcast Corp., would create the largest cable television, internet, and phone provider in the United States, and give Comcast Corp. an incredible amount of power and leverage over municipalities all around the country. As it stands, Comcast Corp. is effectively running a legal monopoly, being the only cable provider in many parts of the United States. Those companies who also do business in Comcast's markets do so either with
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