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Unsolicited Advice

by Ronald A. Rowe October 23rd, 2014 Winners & Losers
To the Left: Lighten up!  Liberals are the biggest bunch of sad sacks I have ever seen in my life.  The Left scores win after win but never stops to celebrate any of it.  Abortion is more widely available and easily accessible than ever before.  Legalized drugs are a reality in Colorado and either on the ballot or in the pipeline in many moreWinners-Losers states.  Gay marriage is rapidly gaining acceptance in the mainstream.  Nationalized healthcare is the law of the land.  Democrats control 2/3 of the government.  Liberals have won virtually every fight they’ve fought in the last
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Poli Talk

  • Democrats do have one congenital defect, and that is that we do not vote in midterms. --President Obama

  • You should never underestimate the ability of the Republicans to screw something up and blow an ideal opportunity. --Ralph Reed, conservative activist

  • It's okay to protest, it's okay to exercise your First Amendment rights, it's okay to go to jail for a cause, but it's not okay to destroy communities. --Missouri State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed

  • Russia should pressure (rebels in) Donetsk and Luhansk not to hold these elections, to avoid a frozen conflict. --Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin

Small Government and Ebola

by Jessica B. October 21st, 2014 Democratic Deliberations
Democratic-Deliberations Everyone is a bit on edge as Ebola reached Texas last month and has now shown to spread even within the "strong, capitalistic, best in the world medical system" that Texas has to offer. But there is much to learn from this experience, and I’m afraid that the only lesson that most will learn is to start prepping and invest in a hazsuit.

The CDC messed up. The CDC made some HUGE errors. As it turns out, cutting spending, saving money and not increasing funding to an organization that is supposed to keep an eye on national health can have
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Wal-Mart, Trolls, and Wendy Davis

by Ronald A. Rowe October 16th, 2014 Winners & Losers
Winners-Losers Election Day is fast approaching.  The WINNERS are coasting through the final stretch while the LOSERS are getting desperate.  That means attack ads, nasty accusations, and the political machines kicking into full gear.  That means plenty of fodder for the WINNERS and LOSERS columns.  Politicians are overpromising, partisans are rationalizing, and trolls are trolling – all in an effort to ensure that their preferred party – of the only two allowed to be viable in our system – is more successful than the other in November.

Wal-Mart - ??? –
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by Eric M. Blake October 20th, 2014 Conservative Considerations
Conservative-Considerations Ask yourself this: Are you likely to see a Conservative activist group or celebrity or (Heaven forbid) administration going out of their way to advocate/sanction the censorship, directly or indirectly, of Leftists — on the grounds that they’re potentially dangerous?

Not since the 1950s. But what about the reverse? Consider all the smearing of Conservative activists, regarding "racism", "sexism", etc.— all the irrational rants that the only reason anyone could possibly be so critical of Obama is because they’re racist … or so critical of Hillary Clinton, because they’re waging a "War On Women". And more directly… consider all the
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Independent Ideas: Ebola, P***hub, and Wells Fargo

by Jason Lightner October 17th, 2014 Independent Ideas
Independent-Ideas The hysteria surrounding the ebola infections across the globe is increasing week after week. As my wife and I are to be holding our wedding/vow renewal next year in the southern African country of Zimbabwe, I'm hearing about it more and more, and some of the remarks and postulations are rather absurd. This is why I thought it rather appropriate (and at the same time, surprising) to see FOX News' Shepard Smith giving viewers the straight dope on the disease (see below or click here).


This isn't the first time Shep Smith has been the voice of reason on an
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